Keep Your Laptop Keyboard Clean: Simple Home Solutions

Every computer user knows how important it is to keep their devices clean. This includes the keyboard as well!

Your laptop is your constant companion. It’s how you get work done and stay in touch with coworkers, friends or family members across the world—especially during these busy summer months when everyone seems to be getting together for meetups!

Here are some simple home solutions that will help you to clean your laptop keyboard.

– Turn off and unplug your laptop before you do any cleaning! Minimal water exposure won’t hurt, but even a little moisture can cause damage.

– Use a can of compressed air to blow into all the cracks and openings in your keyboard. This will help get rid of any dust that has collected there over time

– Get some cotton swabs (Q-tips) – They are especially useful for cleaning out those little spaces between keys where crumbs tend to hide!

Make sure you’re using a new, clean swab each time you switch keys.

– You can also use an old toothbrush or makeup brush to help get into those hard-to-reach places—like the space between your keyboard and screen! Just make sure it is dry before you try to sweep away any dust buildup.

Remember: moisture and electronics don’t mix! Use a towel to dry off your keyboard before you turn it back on.

– If there is stubborn dirt or dust that won’t come out with the above methods, try using compressed air again—but this time aim at some of those keys as you go so they pop back up. Then wipe them off with a dry cloth.

– If your laptop keys are still sticky, try removing the key and cleaning under it as well. You can also order replacement keys for some models if they’re not working how you want them to anymore!

Most importantly: keep yourself informed about how to properly care for your electronic devices!

Cleaning Don’ts

  • Don’t try to wash your keyboard by hand! You could damage the keys or even ruin it. Some laptops have special keys designed for cleaning, but most do not – so be careful if you’re using one of those computers on a regular basis.
  • A dishwasher is a terrible place for your keyboard. It’s only going to end poorly, and then you’ll have two things on your hands – an expensive replacement or another bad experience with water damage
  • Avoid cleaning the keyboard with steel wool, sponges or spray-on lime and calcium removers to prevent permanent damage