Top 5 Best Mouse for OVERWATCH Gamers

If you love to play Overwatch then you need gaming peripherals of high quality. Playing game is fun and passion. The best gamers want their every tool perfect. Mouse is the most important thing while playing any game. We know how mad people are for games so we have written few posts for gamers. Earlier we had written a post on best racing wheel for PC & PlayStation. If you are not comfortable with mouse you will never feel the excitement and joy of the game. So to enjoy the game you need a mouse that gives your palm a relax feeling and provide your fingertips a soft grip. So here we have listed the Top 5 best mouse for over watch or best gaming mouse for gamers.

List of 5 BEST for OVERWATCH Gamers

NameRating out of 5Already SoldPricing
REDRAGON M601 Gaming Mouse wired with red led4.27,177
HAVIT HV-MS672 3200DPI Wired Mouse3.95,053
UTECHSMART Venus Laser Gaming Mouse4.52,831
VERSIONTECH 2400 DPI Gaming Mouse4.8889
MIONIX Castor Multi-Color Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse4.5437

1.  REDRAGON M601 Gaming Mouse wired with red led

REDRAGON is well known for its budget gaming peripherals. REDRAGON Company is operating in USA since 1996. Initially they stated with making products for other companies and they succeeded to make fame in the REDRAGON M601 Gaming Mouse wired with red ledelectronic market by delivering high quality products. Sometime later the company decided to make their own products instead of making products for third parties. Hence the REDRAGON stepped into the gaming peripherals.

M601 Gaming mouse is the product manufactured by REDRAGON. This is an amazing mouse that delivers very solid performance with in an affordable price. This mouse includes five programmable buttons with five memory profiles. It also has an 8-piece weight tuning set and LED color options. LED can be disabled. It is supported with Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP or later operating system.

2. HAVIT HV-MS672 3200DPI Wired Mouse

HAVIT HV-MS672 is a mouse very comfortable and suitable for gamers who need a mouse in a cheap price which HAVIT HV-MS672 3200DPI Wired Mousemeet their budget limits and also has enough features to give a good performance I all aspects.  This mouse has a four level ability of shifting 800/1200/1600/2400 DPI.

It has six buttons, two are on the top of the mouse, one scroll click o scroll,and one button just behind the scroll wheel and also two side buttons,it has a good ergonomic design which is suitable for any hand and comfortably fits to almost every hand. It is supported with Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS. It comes with a one year warranty. This is very simple to use just plug and play it do not require any special drivers to start working.

3. UTECHSMART Venus Laser Gaming Mouse

The UTECHSMART Venus is a gaming mouse. This mouse has a DPI up to 16400. This amount of DPI is too much and it is not possible to use, I guess no one can use such high DPI. This mouse is highly stylish and attractive because UTECHSMART Venus Laser Gaming Mouseof its buttons on the side. On the side of this mouse you will find twelve numbers of buttons which are angled in different directions.

In the picture on video you will think that will these buttons will be comfortable to use? Yes they are comfortable and easy to use. They are well designed at suitable angles for an easy use by a hand. You can approach each and every button comfortably. The main top buttons are also very quick responsive they are easy to use and they need just a slight press to click. While playing games this mouse will not stuck at any point. It will give you a smooth experience of playing your favorite game.

4. VERSIONTECH 2400 DPI Gaming Mouse

VERSIONTECH is new gaming mouse of 2400 DPI. This is a USB wired gaming mouse with seven buttons. It has an VERSIONTECH 2400 DPI Gaming Mouseeasy installation you do not require any drivers, just plug and play. Just plug this USB cable into USB port and enjoy this amazing mouse. This has an ergonomic comfortable design which gives you a comfortable palm feeling. It is suitable for any hand. The quality of material of the wire is very good. The mouse is highly durable and strong.

It works with a voltage of 5V, the lifetime for the key is about 5 million times. It uses the current less than 100MA. It has six buttons with a scroll wheel to scroll, there are also two side buttons and One DPI button, The DPI resolution range is up to 2400DPI. This mouse is compatible with Windows 10/8/7. XP, Vista and Mac OS or latest.

5. MIONIX Castor Multi-Color Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse

MIONIX has manufactured an amazing CASTOR gaming mouse. This mouse has a unique shape, it is developed to be used comfortably by right hand users. It equally supports the palm, claw and fingertip-grip. The Caster mouse MIONIX Castor Multi-Color Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mousehas a dedicated pinky ring-finger support-groove which make this highly comfortable to hold and lift.

PMW-3310 gaming grade optical sensor has zero positive and negative hardware acceleration. It has an amazing accuracy, a smooth tracking and gives a maximum speed of 5.45 m/sec and also way up to 10000 DPI. This is very easy and comfortable to use it gives your palm a relax position so that if you are using this mouse for a long time you won’t feel tired. The grip for the finger tips is friendly soft touch rubber coating four layers to provide you a soft feeling.