Quiet Gaming Mouse

Gaming is big business these days and it takes a lot for manufacturers to live up to the expectations. Quiet gaming mouse is one of the essentials required by the pro gamers along with other hardware.


Logitech G502 Proteus

Logitech G502 Proteus

  • Smart Design
  • RGB spectrum
  • Wireless
  • Heavy Battery
  • 11 Buttons

VicTsing Wireless Mouse 

VicTsing Wireless Mouse 

  • Optical laser
  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • DPI 2400
  • Slim

Logitech M330 Silent

Logitech M330 Silent

  • Comfortable
  • Full Quiet
  • Affordable
  • 100 DPI
  • Stylish

List of Best Quiet Gaming Mouse

NameAlready SoldRatingPricing
Logitech M330 Silent5000+4.5
VicTsingSlim Wireless Mouse
Inphic Multi-Device Silent3000+4.7
VicTsing Wireless,4-Button Slim Mouse
Seenda Portable Mouse
Scettar Rechargeable Gaming Mouse
Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse11000+4.6
VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse5500+4.2
LeadsaiL Rechargeable Wireless Mouse
VEGCOO C8 Silent Mouse4500+4.2

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

Logitech is one of the best-known brands in the market. They have been producing some of the most trusted Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouseproducts for ages.

Gaming is serious. It’s not just a  very serious business for gamers it is a new frontier for the manufacturers also.

The mouse has become an essential part of life both office and personal.

Nowadays we don’t measure productivity by the number of stones but by the hours we spend in front of a screen clicking our way into work.

Design and Performance

It doesn’t throw you with anything offensive in its looks.

Easily becoming essential for office use as well, because it is quiet.

It is a shiny and black, matte exterior and rubberized gripping section.

Other than a Logitech logo stamped front and center there is not much there. It is made to work quietly and get the job done in time not to stand out as a part of the furniture.

If you have used gaming mouse in the past you would love this. For guys with normal size hands, only the upper end of palms get to meet the surface. It can easily be operated with your fingertips. But if you want a full palm grip, that is not going to happen.

It only features three basic left, right, and middle button. Embedded into the scroll wheel.

Designed only for the right hand


On par with the office mice, it also has 100 Dpi sensor, higher DPI means the better agility for the pointer on the screen.


Weighing 91 grams it is lightweight and agile. It’s so small and light that you can carry it in your jacket pocket and still won’t feel a thing. Its lightweight enables you to run it all day long on the mat.


It requires an AA battery to power and can have an impressive 24-month lifespan. It goes to sleep when not in use to conserve power.

It is available online.

  • Comfortable, hand made pattern.
  • Amazingly quiet.
  • Great battery life.
  • Expensive
  • No extra features and buttons.
  • Loose tracking.

Final Verdict

Honestly, there is not much that goes in the favor. It sure is quiet and works great at it but other than that there is no extra feature that would make it stand out.

VicTsing [Upgraded] Slim Wireless Mouse

VicTsing being the Chinese brand has a cult following. It has been in the market for not long but has made its mark VicTsing [Upgraded] Slim Wireless Mouseand is growing stronger by the day. It has slowly mastered the mouse design and now is coming strong with every new product that they launch.

It is one of the fastest-growing third-party seller company with dozens of products on its profile.

In the box

The sleek optical mouse comes with a Nano USB receiver and a user manual  in English

Design and Performance

It is a very artistically designed sleek mouse. Takes your heart at first look

The high-end structural engineering gives it an ergonomic design. This space saucer design is quiet common among mouse manufacturers because of its better support and tireless comfort.

VicTsing has successfully reduced the click noise significantly. Claiming they have gone down with click noise up to 90%.

Can easily be coupled with any of home or office device through a USB receiver. It suits any device and works as an essential part without making a mess.

It is perfectly designed for normal length hands to place the palm comfortably on top of it and use it with high accuracy. And it’s not for half of the world. You can use it with both hands.

Three classical button design with left, right and middle. While the middle button design as an open cockpit of WW2 bomber. A sleek sophisticated clean button that scrolls down and clicks at your will.


It is a 1600 Dpi device engineered with Advanced optical Technology to provide better pon screen control and experience.

In the mouse world,  bigger is better. The bigger is the number of Dpi the better is the performance of the device.

Its plug and play device so you don’t have to worry about installing anything before you get to work.

Compatible with most Windows and Mac products. And gives you the liberty to work at the distance of s far as 15 meters. With 2.4 G technology to ensure the stong and a reliable connection.

Symmetrical design allows for both hands to be used without any lack of performance. It employs the Advanced optical tracking for better response and accurate clicking.


Weighing at 3.2 ounces its light enough to carry in a bag or in the pocket without any problem.


Runs on a single AA battery which can run up to 12 months. The mouse has the 3 stages of auto-sleep function that gets activated after 3 seconds of inactivity and from there it detects 10 seconds and 30 minutes of inactivity before shutting down completely to save power.

It can be easily ordered online.

Pros and cons of this product are as below

  • Slim and portable
  • 1600 DPI for better performance
  • 3 stage power management and auto sleep function.
  •  Made for use by both hands.
  • Only 3 typical function buttons.

Final Verdict

It a sleek and quiet mouse which gives you peace of mind without making the unnecessary click noise while you are concentrating on more important matters.

Now let’s get to some more serious players in this business

Inphic Multi-Device Silent Rechargeable Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

Inphic has introduced a number of practical and well-designed products and is one of the leading names in this Bluetooth Mouse, Inphic Multi-Device Silent Rechargeablerealm.

In the pack

You receive a 3 Mode rechargeable wireless mouse, Mini USB cable for recharging, Nano USB receiver and a user manual in English.

Design and Performance

It looks like straight out of the star track memorabilia. Sharp cuts, futuristic looks and loads of buttons with ergonomic design.

The use of rubber increases the grip and the comfort for the long use. It allows you to focus more and run it on the map with ease for longer durations.

Along with the usual 3 left right and center button, it has 3 extra to control the Dpi at 1000, 1200 and 1600 giving you the complete control over the speed and reaction time of the mouse on the screen.

It seriously has features that are making our heart jump.

The multi-connectivity and a multi-device controlling ability make it a unique product.

It supports Dual Bluetooth connection. And a 2.4GHz wireless mode at the same time. It gives you the liberty to control 3 devices with a single product at the same time.

You can activate the mode by the click of the button you find at the bottom of the mouse.

Sitting on your desk it shows its full glory and you can’t ignore it there. It stands out and seriously adds more aggressive and bold features to your office or home workstation.

It’s not all just bold looks, in fact, it is a quiet machine. Inphic has been able to bring down the click noise to as low as 80% while compared to the traditional ones.

It offers the 10-meter stable connection making you a perfect couch potato.

Unfortunately, its made only for right-hand use but with other features, this is something you can live with.

The design offers enough support for the palm to rest and work for a longer time duration.


4.6-ounce weight is a bit heavy compared to others on the list but it still is compact enough to carry it easily anywhere.


It has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery embedded in the case. With taking around 3 hours to fully charge before you can use it for extended times. Its auto sleep and power conservation allow for 1-month heavy use on a single charge.

The flashing lights indicate charging status by changing color from red to blue.

It is available online.

The pros and cons are given below

  • Dual Bluetooth and USB receiver connectivity.
  • Futuristic design
  • Quiet clicking
  • Controllable Dpi option
  • Rechargeable and long-lasting battery.
  • Made only for right-hand use.

Final verdict

It is an amazing machine that works exactly how you want it to. Silent and progressive. Hard-working and delivers what it promises. Ok, maybe not on the battery front but you can always recharge it and if it runs up to 10 days on one charge I’d say it’s a great deal.

VicTsing Wireless,4-Button Slim Mouse

This is the second product we are listing from this Chinese manufacturer. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse with Unique Silent Click

Wireless mice are making big splashes and are fast becoming popular.

In the pack

You get a wireless mouse, Nano USB receiver hidden in the battery case, User manual in English when you unpack your product.

Design and Performance

Things are improving by the day in the industry and you see products that are combining comfort and performance at the same time. It’s no longer that boring mouse anymore. It has become a design statement.

Speaking of the design statement it is so true to know that things are improving amazingly fast. Like this product, which has been given the streamlined design with anti fingerprints and sweat finish. It’s plastic but with a superior finish for extra comfort and grip.

Slim is the order of the day and standing at 115x 62 x 32mm, this is a mouse on a  keto diet.

It has amazing quiet clicks just loud enough to give you the confirmation of your action but not to distract you.

Optical laser guides the mouse over your pad for a quick, in-time response and amazing accuracy.

It comes with a classic 3 button style with a plug and plays function. Plugin its nano USB receiver in a USB  port and get instant access to your screen.

The sweat-resistant surface gives you better control over the product and thus making you perform better.

The anti-slip scroll button is an added feature providing you the best scroll capability.

You get 3 adjustable sensitivity so you can control your mouse according to your requirements. You can choose from 800, 1200 and 1600 CPI.

Employing the 2.4G wireless data transmission it hosts a stable connection.


It is just 62 grams heavy. It sure is on diet and has reduced its weight amazingly.


It requires 2 AA batteries to power its functions but with a  separate switch button, it can also function with 1 AA battery.

Its short-circuit protection and independent power supply features make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a compact and reliable mouse.

Available online

The pros and cons of the mouse are as under.

  • Optical laser for fast control
  • Anti-sweat and anti-fingerprint finish
  • The rubber used for the scroll button.
  • 3 stage adjustable mouse sensitivity.
  • No extra buttons.
  • Made for right hand only

Final verdict

If you are choosing a mouse to get the job done and not because you want to show off its cutting edge design and edgy corners. You got it right here.

Seenda Portable Computer Mouse for PC

Design and Performance

Plastic is king in the mouse industry. It helps the manufacturers to mold and play with design features. Make their Wireless Mouse, 2.4G Noiseless Mouseproducts slim and beautiful.

This time around Seenda has got a raised platform for better palm support.

Sticking to the three-button classic design they have thrown out the guesswork.

They came up with a practical product. Click noise reduction has been made of paramount importance and they quiet achieved it.

Where many others just stick to black and white colors they have thrown in a variety of colors to the market attracting the mostly female segment of the market.

With so many colors they have also tried to get that color matching conscience sector on their side also.

By presenting so many colors to chose from making life a bit easier for them.

Plug and play give it instant access to your device let it be a PC, laptop or a Mac.

Anti-slip pads mounted at its bottom give you a firm grip and also making it easier to use on the whole screen without straying away.

It uses the standard 2.4G wireless connectivity and supports a stable connection up to the range of 33 feet.


Weighing only 0/8 ounces it is easy to carry and handle. You can tuck it in your bag or for that matter even in your pocket and can travel comfortably.

In the pack

You get a wireless mouse, Nano USB receiver hidden in the battery case, User manual in English in your package.


It requires 1 AA battery to power all its functions. Has a 10-minute delay sleep mode activation to conserve power.

It can be ordered online.

Pros and cons are as following

  • Made for easy griping
  • Steady handling
  • Steady speed and performance
  • Variety of colors available
  • Made for right hand only
  • Not rechargeable

Scettar Rechargeable Computer Gaming Mouse

Let us bring out the big guns now.

Gaming a big business as it requires hardware to match the needs. It doesn’t really take you far with the ordinary Wireless Mouse, 2.4G Noiseless Mouseoffice mice.

It’s not just the performance but optics also speak their own language. If you don’t get what I said, just look at the latest Ferrari and you will understand what it means to be in that car.

The same goes for the kind of hardware you have. You need to impress with your performance intelligence and what you have in front of you.

Design and Performance

It supports a black and blue Iron-plate design. With 3 typical left,  right and scroll buttons along with 2 extra on its left and one for the DPI speed control.

The company has tried to keep it as quiet as possible and for the main 2 buttons that are used 99.9% of the time, they have done a great job.

Made for gamers both beginning and at a more professional level. It harnesses the 3 DPI speed levels 800, 1600 and 2400 through a free switch at its top behind the scroll button, to give you better control over your enemy.

It does give the feel of an enemy ship ready to take off and it does take off in great fashion.

Turn it around to discover its iron plate with the hidden charging port and on/off button underneath.

A fighter by design, lets you have edge over others while you are in a gaming field. Making you master your moves in no time.

Connects to any platform through a Nano USB receiver and gets to play with just one plugin. You don’t have to download anything at all.

Flashing light blue under the scroll buttons indicates its changing and once it’s done the light goes off automatically.

It has 7 soothing LED color lights that keep on changing while at play randomly.

The optical laser gives it better maneuverability.


Standing at 4.8 ounces of weight, it is a bit heavy but for its iron plate and heavy-duty performance, weight should not be that much of a worry.


It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be recharged by a  USB port by a charging cable. The multistage power saving option gives it better power management. Letting it sleep at 10 minutes of inactivity and can again be used with a  click of a button.


Scatter gives 45 days money back and 12 months product guarantee.

It is easily available online to add to your arsenal.

Pros and cons can be seen below

  • Iron-Plate design
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Silent left and right buttons
  • Rechargeable
  • Heavy
  • Can select the desired LED light
  • Made for right-hand use only.

Final Verdict

If you are heavy on gaming you need proper gaming mouse. And things can really come to sight when you are using this mouse. It is sturdy, well balanced and active. Adjustable DPI gives you the edge and make you even more productive in your adventures.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

Logitech is one of the most renowned names of the industry. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse,

Design and Performance

It sure is an all-purpose mouse without a doubt.

Logitech has launched the upgraded version with customizable full RGB color spectrum lighting. Removable weights each of 3.8 gms gives you better stability and weight balance.

You can adjust its Dpi from 200 to up to 12000 levels, yes 12000, not 1200. So there is almost no match to its speed, sensitivity, and agility.

Although apart from the RGB spectrum, it is almost identical to its predecessor but it sure looks classy and more aggressive in nature.

The company has kept the mouse small and a bit low profile but has not compromised on any of its features. Thumb rest and the outer fingers are textured for amazing grip and stability.

Logitech managed to place 11 buttons on this tiny space all of them programmable and practical at the same time.

Playing into the tradition the left and right buttons are as they are on all other mice but the rest can be used for a variety of combinations.

Though the free-scrolling mode is there, the company has gone down deep and has made it super responsive and rock steady upon the press of a button.

Armed with PMW3366 optical sensor with almost no self acceleration the entire DPI range, it is one of the most stable, responsive and ready to work device. Giving you excellent tracking no matter whatever is your DPI or the surface.

Master your game with your own specs using the 11 programmable buttons, DPI and lighting of your choice.
Magnetic weight cavity doors, braided cable, rubber grips and much more make this unique product one of the most desired among the gaming community.


The Primary weight of the product is 4.3 ounce which can be increased by adding the weights.

It is portable and can be stored in your laptop bag easily to use anywhere.


It doesn’t need an external battery as it comes equipped with lithium metal Inbuilt one.

Available online.

Pros and cons are discussed below

  • Smart design
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Wide DPI range
  • Amazing performance
  • Expensive
  • Not suited for wide palm users.

Final verdict

Logitech managed to improve on an already super product.

They just tweaked the shortcomings and came up with the most desirable item in the market.

In such a small platform, they placed 11 buttons so strategically and neatly that they do deserve a pat on the back.

It is almost an essential and very practical device for all those gaming fans.

VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

VicTsing is making splashes with its gaming mice and this product does make it one of the options considered by VicTsing Wireless Mouse ,4-Button Slim Silent Full Size Cordlessthegaming enthusiasts. It sure is well worth its price and those entry-level gamers would feel at home with this in the hand.

Design and Performance

It is one of the best options if you are tired of tangled wires and looking for your way out. It doesn’t really drop any jaws or turn heads but it does with its made for.

Body lining is almost entirely made of plastic with nice curves.

Graced with rubber on the sides for a comfortable grip and control this is almost all about its design.

VicTsing has tried to keep the aggressive looks to the minimal and focused more on the wide acceptability of this mouse.

It does get its cobra looks that are more for a practical reason than just a  design pattern. The low profile and small nature of this device deceive many

It disappears in large hands but does not disappoint with its performance. One quickly gets used to it and when it works it surpasses many in the market.

Four padded feet at its bottom provide much more than just a nice resting cushion.

It features the 6 buttons to control DPI, left and right along with scroll along with 5 stages DPI settings ranging from very practical 800 to 2400.

Running on an AA battery it can run for months depending on the use. But like some of the other mice in the market, it does not have a low battery indicator.

It has a plug and play option connecting through a Nano USB receiver employing the 2.4G data transfer technology for a swifter response.


Weighing 3.82 ounces it is in line with most of the other products if not lighter. Making it easier to carry and hold.


It runs on a single AA battery which can keep it charged for months on the end depending on the use. Its power-saving mode gets kicked in after 8 minutes of inactivity.

Available online

The Pros and cons are given below

  • Optical laser tracking
  • Compact and high-performing device
  • Affordable
  • Low power consuming
  • Made only for right-hand use.
  • No low battery warning lights.
  • Lacks the on/off button results in battery drainage.

Final Verdict

It’s a decent gaming mouse with some of the most practical features. It is lightweight and has more practical uses than just an entry-level gaming device.

LeadsaiL Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

In the box

You get a wireless mouse, Nano USB receiver, charging cable and user manual in English when you unbox the pack. LeadsaiL Silent Wireless Mouse Wireless Laptop USB Mouse Cordless Rechargeable

Design and Performance

This chargeable gaming mouse eliminates the battery changing issues at once. Successfully bringing down the click noise to 90%. It’s plug and plays features get it connected to most devices seamlessly and perform great.

It is a high precision optical device with 5 stages adjustable DPI ranging from 800 to 2400 depending on your requirement.

Its laser grade engine keeps tracking a smoothie, with 3 traditional and 4 other buttons of which there is 1 free shift DPI control.

The built-in lithium-ion battery keeps it running for months on a single charge.


It weighs only 4.3 ounces making it durable, compact and easy to carry all at the same time.


Lithium-Ion battery keeps going for an extended period depending on the use.

Available online

Pros and cons are as following

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Compact and good design
  • Anti-sweat and anti-fingerprint finish
  • Doesn’t have a battery charge indicator
  • No extra or customizable buttons.
  • No sleep more

Final Verdict

It’s a very practical and wide-ranging device not just restricted to the gaming industry. It is priced just right for almost everyone to adopt it for the home or office use.

Now we get

VEGCOO C8 Silent Click Wireless Rechargeable Mouse

In the box

You receive a wireless mouse, Nano USB receiver, charging cable and a user manual in the pack. Wireless Gaming Mouse, VEGCOO C8 Silent Click Wireless

Design and Performance

It has that Alien invasion look with all the cuts and curves indicating it is a gaming mouse. Flashy LED lights add to its superior design features.

Hosting the basic 3 button style it fits comfortably in hand and performs from the distance of 10 meters with ease. Connecting through a Nano USB receiver.

It is powered by the 400mAh lithium battery large enough to get through any workday with a single charge.


Weighing at 2.4 ounces it is an extremely portable and easy to carry a device.


It has a rechargeable 400mAh lithium battery.

Available online

Pros and cons are as following

  • Precise tracking
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Made only for right-hand use.

Final verdict

It is an amazing mouse to have which cates to most of your requirements with ease. One of the best options for entry-level gamers.