What is the best time to buy PC Parts?

You have probably been searching and sneaking into multiple sites and sources before finding us. So, here is the deal. We will concisely wrap up and explain all the PC parts in tiny portions for a better overview of what is the best time to buy PC parts.

A PC needs at least a RAM, processor, keyboard, mouse, GPU, storage, graphics cards, power supply, cooling systems, and a monitoring screen to work. Integrating everything under budget is rather daunting and tiresome especially for gamers and editors who have never been through this kind of hell before.

What’s the tip? All you need is to stay informed and resilient. How to do that? best time to buy PC Parts

Subscribing to leading tech webs and YouTube channels is somewhat a basic approach.

Allowing online sale days notifications to pop up on your smartphone screens is another thing.

To stand out in the crowd, bring on the super method, that is, to get ahead of time. If you are going to buy a RAM or GPU in, say November with the next update due in January, you are not making a smart choice.

 Is it for gaming or professional editing?

The next big thing is to reorder preferences before getting an updated component. There are myriad choices and combinations to select for your PC type. Rendering and 3D animations do not require core gaming performance components at all, and vice versa.

Besides, a gaming PC must not be overloaded with the rendering-specific features leaving out on key gaming capacities that could have been achieved otherwise.

Also, make sure to fulfill basic requirements before jumping up to the advanced ones, or otherwise, a heavy processor type or a motherboard won’t get along with a mediocre RAM type or GPU.


PC motherboards are complex integrated chipsets inside the silicone casing. They control the system with signal streams flowing in and out to other PC parts. Figure your budget and usage capacity before deciding.

The options are various for ATX, mini-ATX, and micro-ATX models.

For multitasking, buy motherboards compatible with the latest Ryzen 7 series processors by spending a bit more than normal. Also, there are top-rated motherboard versions by ASUS and MSI for 8th and 9th generation Intel core processors available alternative to AMD.

The low-budget x570 motherboards are loved by mid-range gaming enthusiasts for their balanced specs and enough capacity to handle everything.


Processors are the heart of a PC. There are two choices: AMD and Intel. You must always choose from them. The serious gamers always prefer Intel’s gaming-specific models or between AMD Ryzen 7 series processors.

The latest AMD FX processors are multi-core multi-thread processors making their mark in worldwide gaming and video editing in recent times.

Graphics and Memory

For continuously sharp graphics and lag-free 4K streaming, better give a try to affordable and efficient NVIDIA graphics cards or the low-profile GeForce models.

Memory makes everything up and running inside a PC. It is better to update memory, most importantly the RAM to keep your system afloat and updated to the latest games and software.

Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 and G.Skill Trident Z RAMs work well with all the Intel-based processors in video streaming and gaming. For rendering and CAD applications, go for the responsive G.Skill F4, Corsair Black Vengeance series.