Best Motherboard For i9-9900K in 2023

Make the best out of your gaming PC with the appropriate motherboard and all the necessities for hardcore gameplay. Be it solo gaming or online multiplayer gameplay, you need to buy a perfect partner for a gaming PC.

Here’s a carefully compiled list of best motherboard for i9-9900K 9th generation processors and list of motherboard for Ryzen 5 2600 available on All the items are selected on user reviews, overall ratings, and the number of sales.


Gigabyte Z390 UD

best Gigabyte Z390 UD

  • DDR4
  • Sync light strips
  • CEC ready

EVGA Z390 Dark

best EVGA Z390 Dark

  • Perfect for Z390
  • 7 USB 3.1
  • Up to 32GB


top ASUS ROG XI Hero

  • Best For 8th &9th Gen
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Sync light strips

Best Motherboard for i9-9900K Review

NameChipSetRating out of 5Pricing
ASRock MotherboardZ3904.4
Gigabyte Z390 UDZ3904.1
EVGA Z390 DarkZ3903.7
ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero Z3904.2


Customize your gaming experience to the next level with MSI MEG Z390. Its motherboard is packed with the highly MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE LGA1151efficient and bombastic features that can’t be resisted for hardcore gaming and for lifelong performance. It is made to deliver the maximum pixels with OLED display, lavish and colored outlook, and crisp sound. MSI tops the list of best motherboard for i9-9900K for its vast feature bucket, it also worked best with CPU cooler for i9 9900k. Make strong network connections for multiplayer gaming and networking with the all-new Killer xTrend network extender. Keep your files safe and run it like a pro both wired and wirelessly. This motherboard is very good to install the gaming ram.

MSI MEG has an Xtreme audio DAC enhancer that delivers HD sound with a 32-bit audio rate coupled with the extreme 384kHz frequency drivers. The built-in amplifiers make the sound more realistic and suitable for gaming in groups, or you can plug in on a 6.3mm audio jack for isolated listening. It won’t heat or misbehave when in operation, thanks to the high-quality shielding and heat sink that keep things afloat for hours of gaming.

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Supports 9th generation and earlier
  • Dual-channel DDR4 memory
  • Overpriced

ASRock Motherboard (Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/AC)

ASRock motherboard is a feasible and cost-effective gaming motherboard for 9th generation gamers. It supports 9thASRock Motherboard and 8th generation intel core processors with infinite possibilities and great endurance for extreme gamers. The machine is made with top-notch chipsets and multiple slots for modifications and improvements. There’s a dual DDR4 slot with a dual-channel functioning with a maximum capacity of 32GB RAM for gaming.

The SATA drive ports are 4 in total with a support capacity of RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10. The motherboard can accept graphic cards for any gaming capacity, its same like motherboard for i7-8700k. If you are looking for an all-in-one modifiable slot motherboard in low to medium range, this one is for you.

  • Multiple supporting slots for addons
  • Supports 9th and 8th generation processors
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Outdated RAM technology

Gigabyte Z390 UD (Intel LGA1151

Gigabyte Z390 is fully capable for 8th and 9th generation Intel core processors. It is fast and accurate for gaming. TheGigabyte Z390 UD performance is unmatched, the speed is extremely efficient, and the protection is top-notch for heavy gaming. It is specifically made for overclocking and high-speed wired and wireless network gaming. The memory slots, the chipset, and gaming LAN are all at their best when in operation.

The materials are ultra-durable with strong foundations. It is made of smart fans and multiple sensors for heat sink and overload protection. The VRM is designed to perform better than others with the MOSFETs and PWM modulation for powerful signal processing and effective response to the monitoring screen. Make your own PC configurations with the 8+4 solid pin headers and lead the race from your fellow gamers with speed and PC responsiveness.

Gigabyte possesses an ultra-durable armor to sustain heavy graphics without malfunctions and for additional sturdiness inside the machinery. The price tag is affordable for any amateur and medium gamer.

  • Non-ECC unbuffered DDR4
  • RGB sync light strips
  • PCIe armor and next-gen heat sync
  • CEC 2019 ready
  • Low-end gadget for extreme gaming

EVGA Z390 Dark, LGA 1151, Intel Z390

EVGA Z390 motherboard is a powerful force for players. It supports 9th and 8th generation intel core processors EVGA Z390 Darkalong with the other systems. It is designed to run with the maximum graphics speed and overclocking. It is as fast as to expect from a newer model from EVGA. The dark version is capable of connecting with the outside world with its 24-pin power connector.

All power to the gamer with dual 8-pin CPU power connections to the sides of the motherboard. The VRM is designed to run faster and without a loss with heat sinks and fans along with the capacitors. The heat sink is installed to the backside and across CPU and memory. The PCB is shielded for heavy loads and overclocking, gold and silver materials are used to protect equipment, and you can switch between 3 different BIOS ROMs for overclocking.

  • Perfect for Z390
  • 7 USB 3.1 gen2 ports
  • Supports 9th generation and prior Intel core processors
  • Equipped with DDR4, up to 32GB
  • Expensive for medium-range gaming
  • Bulky in weight

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi) Z390 Gaming

ASUS ROG Maximus motherboard has multiple slots for tangible connections and maximum overclocking ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero performances. Readied for 9th generation and working best with the 8th generation Intel Core processors, it bears extreme loads and features smart prediction, thermal telemetry with a much improved 5-way optimization.

Aura RGB lighting is composed of 16m colors and an adequate number of headers to quench system needs when installing to the PC. the color combination beautifully syncs with all the gaming sounds and actions without a lag. There’s a dedicated clock generator system on the motherboard for reference clock generation with the PWM technology to the CPU cores and other operative desks for fast and efficient gaming.

  • Works best with 8th and 9th generation
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • USB 3.1 ports
  • 5-way optimization for overclocking
  • Synced RGB lighting strips