XR624 and XR824, The Latest Monitor Speakers by Mackie

On the occasion of the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, we got to know Mackie’s latest range of monitor speakers, the XR.

The XR line currently focuses on two models of monitor speakers, the XR624 and XR824. They both benefit from the same design: a 1 “anodized aluminum tweeter , a 6.5 or 8 inch Kevlar woofer and a bass reflex.

For these two products, Mackie puts three points forward: the first is the “smart” logarithmic waveguide, which would offer a better balance between treble and midrange; the second concerns its ELP Bass Reflex system, which is larger and internally curved to increase output power and response in the low register; finally, the last point is the three filter parameters proposed to adjust the frequency response of the speakers according to their placement (near a wall, in a corner …).

Apart from that, the Mackie XR624 and XR824 can be connected in XLR (balanced) or 1/4 “(balanced / unbalanced) Jack. There is also an equalization for bass and treble (low cut at 80 Hz and three-position switch for treble at +2 dB / 0 / -2 dB). An automatic standby function is also provided with detection of the incoming signal.

Here is the technical information shared by Mackie:

  • Frequency response: 45 Hz to 22 kHz (XR624) / 36 Hz to 22 kHz (XR824)
  • Crossover frequency: 2.5 kHz (XR624) / 2 kHz (XR824)
  • Bi-amplification Class D: 100 W + 60 W

The Mackie XR624 and XR824 are already available and sold individually for 444 and 548 €.