The Best Portable PC Case

When it comes to the security and portability of your critical computer components you need a case that is portable, spacious and functional all at the same time.

In search of the best portable PC cases, we came across a few that we really liked and wanted to share the same with you.


Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC

Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC

  • Affordable
  • 2 USB 3.01
  • HD Audio
  • Modular Design

Cooler Master HAF XB II

Cooler Master HAF XB II




  • Cool design
  • Well ventilated
  • Liquid cool
  • Affordable

Keeping in view all those factors that are critical for a computer to function properly and maintain its peak performance, we came up with the following suggestions.

List of Best Portable PC Case

NameAlready SoldRatingPricing
Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC PC Case5550+4.6
Cooler Master HAF XB EVO PC Case3200+4.7
SilverStone Technology Mini500+4.1
Cooler Master MasterCase MC500Mt ATX PC Case500+4.6
Cooler Master HAF XB II EVO PC case10000+4.7
Cooler Master Elite 110 RC-110-KKN22400+4.5
CORSAIR OBSIDIAN 500D RGB SE Mid-Tower Case 1300+4.7

Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX Cube Computer Chassis

Design and functionality

The cuboid structure of the Thermaltake Core V21 is beyond expectation, it allows you to rearrange the panels and Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATXcooling whatever way you want.

Dismantling the chassis is quick and easy as each panel is held with only two thumbscrews.

Once the top, bottom and side panels are removed you can clearly observe that chassis is a simple framework of a motherboard tray.

Special features

This makes it clear how big it is from inside, its 185mm in high cooler clearance, a 350mm  graphics card in length and a power supply that is 200mm long.

If you like to choose to use the bottom fan.

You can’t help but notice that one of the side panels has a big window while the bottom contains a  mesh filter to adjust the power supply properly.


It has 2 USB 3.0,1 HD Audio

Other panels are equipped with magnetic dust filters, and you can re-arrange the panels in any order you may like.

Once you decide which way to front you can start building your system.

First things first you install the power supply with the retention bracket followed by the motherboard.

Because later you won’t have the access to the rear of the motherboard you need to install the CPU coolers in the beginning.


The specifications are as below

This black smallest PC Case with  336 x 320 x 424 mm dimensions. Weighing  6.5 kg has Transparent Window Panels. Its made of SPCC with front (intake)  200 x 200 x 30 mm fan and rare (800rpm, 13dBA) cooling systems, hosts 5 expansion slots and 3 3.5 inches or 3 2.5 inch drive bays.

It comes with an upgradable LCS which supports 1/2”、3/8”、1/4” water tube colling system.

It can support 6.7” x 6.7” (Mini ITX)  or a 9.6” x 9.6” (Micro ATX) Motherboard. It has 2 USB 3.0 and 1 HD Audio port. PSU has optional standard PSU support.

It can be ordered online

Pros and cons are as below

  • It is quite spacious
  • Modular in design
  • Can be combined with another V21 to make a dual system
  • Fan controller absent
  • noise absorbing material is absent
  • PSU mounting system needs to be redesigned.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a stable case to host your system and are not too mobile. This is your go-to gadget.

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

The first impression you have is it is a big case. And yes it is big. Lan Box as the company prefers to call it. It can hostCooler Master HAF XB EVO any motherboard that you want to work with.

Design and functionality

Its got loads and loads of space enough for any high-end computer to function at its full strength.

The case besides its panel is thick steel made.

It does make the LAN BOX heavy but it adds to its durability as well.

Special features

It comes in 2 versions. Mesh top version and windows panel version in both cases tt carries 2 handles making it easier to carry.

There’s a large mesh grill on the front of the case and two 120mm fans at the rear.

These fans are upgradable to 140mm


The drive bays slots come out without a hurdle and efficient 2 X-Dock bays make it easy to swap all those hard drives any time you like.

If you remove and test the strength of the panels you will come to know how well built they are

The sides of the case hosting a large ventilation area are removable and have sturdy handles.

It dispenses heat quite brilliantly because of that huge ventilation area and it also keeps the heat off from your video card.

Heading back it is quite a standard pack Does offer some extra fan options, 7 expansion slots, some extra ventilation, and the ability to place the I/O panel.


It is made of a sturdy steel body with a front mesh and plastic bezel with 442 x 330 x 423mm dimensions, weighing 8.2 kg, comprising of ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX M/B type and hosts 2 5.25’ Drive bays, its I/O panel greets with 2 USB 3.0 and 1 Audio jack. It contains 7 expansion slots with 2 120mm fans at the front to cool things off.

ATX PS2 provides a max of 180mm length power supply support. The most it can handle is a 334mm long VGA Card with 180mm high CPU cooler. It has a water cooling support for better and faster cooling of the components.

It is available online

Pros and cons are as below

  • Carrying handle makes it best option for LAN users
  • Many hooks to help you with the cables
  • 2 X dock slots in the front of the case
  • Removable top and side panels give more room for adjustments.
  • Heavy built
  • Not stong at heat management
  • No dust filters.

Final verdict

You can host any system that you desire and it will work just fine. It has lots of room for anything from a gaming system to home theatre. Fits well and performs superbly.

SilverStone Technology Mini-ITX Slim

Design and functionality

It’s beautifully built and comes with optional handles.

Building on the solid foundation set by its previous successes, the ML08 features a very modern outward SilverStone Technology Mini-ITX Slimappearance, and the right side can easily be converted to a set-top box.

Special features

The case is made of steel and reinforced plastic, weighing just 7.5 pounds, it gives a solid and sturdy feel.

The front panel is a bit simple and plain featuring the power button and USB ports nicely hidden under a sliding cover, a slim optical drive hides in the top left corner.

The protruding bump of the case is actually the hidden dust cover which can be removed conveniently. A similar cover can be found at the bottom also.

The vertical bar on the front conveniently slides out of the way to reveal the power and reset buttons.


It accompanies 2 USB 3.0 ports and the standard front audio jacks also.

Its optional handle that mounts at the top of the case makes carrying it a no brainer.

The sad part is, handle only comes with the ML08B-H version, and if you want to have it you may have to pay extra bucks.

The interior compartment features quite a decent set given the size of the case. Its got room for 2 2.5” SSDs or HDDs and a mounting bracket for that sneak slim optical drive.

A quick turnaround reveals space to mount a full-length graphics card, or a compact graphics card and a 2.5” or 3.5” drive

All variants of the case include a pair of plastic feet and a set of rubber pads that attach to the bottom of the case for stability.

The back panel of the ML08 is not that roomy, offering only a cutout for the motherboard and only a  couple of pair of expansion slots, assisted by riser card and 90° PCI-E adapter.

The bottom of the board can easily be reached through a cutout in the motherboard, separating the PSU from the bottom for better airflow and cooling.


This Mini-ITX Black case made of the reinforced plastic outer shell and steel body doesn’t come with a  dedicated power supply, it is compatible with SFX & SFX-L, hosts 2 expansion slots and the I/O panel has 2 USB 3.0  ports, 1 Audio, and 1 Mic jack. It has 3.43″ x 14.96″ x 14.57″ dimensions and weighs almost 7.72 pounds.

It can be ordered online

The Pros and cons are given below

  • Highest performance capability in its class
  • carrying handles come as additional
  • Supports up to 13-inch graphics Mini-ITX motherboard & SFX PSU compatible
  • Independent expansion slot design
  • Tool-less drive
  • Convenient cage design
  • Can be used both in horizontal and vertical shapes.
  • Airflow and cooling is not enough.
  • Poor cable management.
  • Heavy and not portable.

Final verdict

Its bit less roomy and not easy to carry. So if you are on the LAN and looking to keep it moving this might not just the right choice for you.

Cooler Master MasterCase MC500Mt ATX-Mid-Tower Case

The Cooler Master Master Case makers brought in the tempered-glass features to get the attraction, and it makes Cooler Master MasterCase MC500Mt ATXsense.

The results are astonishing despite the small front product tag area.

Design and functionality

Unlike others, they chose to go with the floating glass panel design, the tempered-glass features do turn heads in a market saturated with cheap plastic or those very heavy steel cases.

Metal railes added to both top and bottom panels helped them in very cleverly getting rid of those screws making it more appealing.

Special features

At the top, a keyed lock hides the inner beauties and at the bottom, rail hooks are placed right at end of the side openings.

Turning the given key in the lock to tilt open for better accessibility, so from where one can easily lift the panel from its seat without a sweat. It is cleverly designed making it less prone to falling off.

The port section of the front panel is slightly turned towards the top making it easier for both the above and below deck placement.


With a center placed power button under the port panel with headphone and microphone jacks to its right.

It comes equipped with  4 USB 3.0 ports and buttons for3 mode LED adjustment along with a fan speed controller.

To make it mobile you can always use its reliable handle present at the top.

The manufacturer provided a heavy-duty dust filter to protect the power supply, palcing it just under the bracket made for power supply support.

Allowing the power supply assembly to be easily installed or removed from the back, keeping in view the limited space available for power supplies and the case as a whole this is a handy feature.

It has an identical right and left panels reared by a 140mm fan for exhaust screwed at the back and adjustable to support different sized radiators all to be mounted at the back also.

It also allows for a 120mm fan to be mounted as it got the screw slot for that too.

The front cover of the case cleverly hides two 5.25” removable drive bay’s. if removed the front panel supports 3 140mm front and2140mm top fans.

In its standard configuration is gives support to 4 2.5” drives, or 2 2.5” and 23.5” drives.


Weighing at 37.95 pounds its made of a combination of tempered glass, steel, and plastic. Supports ATX, E-ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX motherboard, has 9.53 x 22.6 x 21.42″ or 242 x 574 x 544 mm dimensions. It supports 6 external drive bays 2 for 5.25 inch and 4 for either 2.5 inches or 3.5 inches with 1 2.5inch internal drive bay along with 7 extensions. Its I/O panel supports 3 USB Type-A, 1 USB Type-Cand 1 3.5mm Input and 1 3.5 mm output. The maximum GPU length supported is 412 mm with 290mm CPU cooler height.

It is available online

Pros and Cons are given below.

  • Excellent design and finish
  • Tilt-out side panels
  • Front hidden bays are removable
  • Extremely customizable
  • Stock fan configuration needs to be revisited.

Cooler Master HAF XB II EVO, HTPC Computer Case

Its got the ability to become a test bunch in a few tweaks. Its made for heavy customizers and those who need to  Cooler Master HAF XB II EVO, HTPC Computer Casesqueeze the most they can from their machines.

Design and functionality

To start with HAF XB’s front uses a lot of plastic to house the large mesh panel in the middle that carrying the Cooler Master logo.

I/O panel in the middle, leaving just enough space 2 5.25 inch bays on the left and the pair of 3.5inch bays to the right, all of them accessible from the outside.

Special features

To host the large central mesh panel supporting the logo, HAF XB uses plastic for the front frame.

With the I/O panel placed in the middle, leaving room for only the two 5.25 inch bays on the left and just enough space for 3.5-inch bays on the right, all of which can be operated and accessible from the outside.

The top is very well ventilated by getting decent airflow through the mesh chassis with an option to mount a 200mm fan to extend the natural cooling feature.

By looking to the body in detail and starting from the left it offers a large plastic handle at the top inserted right into the steel panel.

Followed by a large mesh area around and below it pouring tons of air into first floors but covering the basement nicely at the same time


The I/O panel offers a large power button on the left which lits when powered and a small reset button above the activity LED for the storage drives.

You get receive 3.5mm Headphone and microphone jacks and get 2 USB3.0 ports.

It has a whole playground at the back, at first you get 120mm fan mounting position and generous venting also the back I/O area and most exciting the jaw-dropping 7 and well-ventilated expansion slots.

The basement hosts the PSU on the left with the extension bracket and a dual 800 fan mounting position on the right.

The right side is an exact copy of the left with the same features and the top half ventilation vent with a plastic handle.

Beneath the chassis large oval holes in the floor for the inflow of fresh air, dust filter for the PSU, nine wire tie points, hard to find 4 screws to remove the lid.


Weighing in at 18.1 pounds carries the 441.9 x 424.1 x 330.2 mm dimensions. Its made of steel and plastic. Supports ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX motherboard has 7 expansion slots with 2 5.25 and 4 2.5 or 3.5 inch Drive bays. The I/O Panel has 2 USB Type-A port, 1 3.5 mm audio and 1 3.5 mm output jack. Unfortunately, there is no cable management space available.

Available online

Let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons

  • Has a large working area
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Nice all-round airflow
  • Not easy to carry
  • No noise cancelation material
  • Plastic looks out of place for this product.

Final verdict

It is a noisy but hard performing machine. It built to perform and it keeps all your components at a comfortable temperature.

You can use it for a wide range of purposes and can work with it comfortably for a long time.

Cooler Master Elite 110 RC-110-KKN2

At first, it looks like a box from heaven all cleaned up well designed and well polished. Cooler Master Elite 110 RC-110-KKN2

Design and functionality

The Elite 110 lay low in the design aspect. The case is available in one Midnight Black finish only.

It features a clean black exterior with one relief a blue LED-backlit power button representing the Cooler Master logo.

This blue LED is thoughtfully kept with a  low profile.

The outer cover and internals are made of steel, while the front plastic panel is covered with metal mesh. Weighing in at 5.9 lbs, or 2.65 kg it can quite easily be handled.

The front panel is well ventilated providing plenty of space for cooling.

The top and sides are well ventilated too. Besides a sheet of foam behind the front, there arents any filters available. And anyone can guess how dusty would it become with all those ventilated areas.


On the left side of the front panel, you get 2 USB 3.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks,1 red drive activity LED, and a reset button.

At the rear, you see the power supply and motherboard port cluster and cutouts.

The Elite 110 can support ATX PSUs up to 7.1″ (180 mm) length, though Cooler Master recommends a standard 5.6″ (142-mm) PSU for easy cable routing. The case also provides enough space for a dual-slot graphics card.

At the bottom, the case is rested on 4 dotted hard plastic feet.


This Black Mini ITX tower doesn’t have a built-in power supply with 281 mm x 208 mm x 261 mm dimension has a USB 3.2 Type-A panel and a Mini ITX Motherboard Form Factor. Supports 2 expansion slots with 1 2.5 inches bay and 3 3.5 inch internal bays.

Available online

The pros and cons are discussed below

  • Dual SuperSpeed USB 3.0
  • Ample storage
  • Front mesh panel and vents on the top and side panels
  • No dust filters
  • Not easy to carry

Final Verdict

It’s a sturdy built with having enough space to host any system.

It works seamlessly with any configuration that you want to work with and also with its extraordinary airflow can keep the components at a comfortable temperature.

But with no dust filters, it can accumulate dust quite easily.


Obsidian 500D beaks the manufacturer tradition and reinvents its product line.CORSAIR OBSIDIAN 500D RGB SE Mid-Tower Case

Being a state of the art mid-tower design featuring smoked tempered glass and classy aluminum trim.

Design and features

Those wi have used the obsidian before would agree that this is the most adventurous case design yet y them.

Bringing in the combo of tempered glass and a sleek aluminum trim they merged clean line with sexy curves creating a more engaging front panel.

It cleanly deceives by giving an appearance of the solid aluminum at first but at closer inspection one notices its aluminum wrapped in plastic.

The left and right side panels are made of tempered glass with leading edges attached with thick aluminum. The panels can easily be removed for easy access.

Though the panels attach themselves with the magnet but can easily open while the case is being transported.


Between the top and front panels you see a smart I/O panel housing the 2 USB 3.0 ports, power and reset buttons, 2 audio jacks, and a very welcomed USB3.1 gen2 Type-C port.

It measures 508mm tall, 502mm deep and 233 mm wide, and thanks to all that glass used weighing at 10.25 kg it sure isn’t easy to carry.

You find 7 expansion slots, a PSU at the bottom and a rear mounting point for 120mm fan at the rear.

2.5 inch and 3.5inch storage slots are given behind the motherboard tray and this can easily accommodate 2 35 inch drives as well as 3 2.5 inch drives.

Liquid cooling gear is installed by default and you can add a pump and a reservoir at will.


Weighing in at 25.90 pounds this Black ATX Mid Tower-type case is made of steel, Aluminium and tempered glass. It doesn’t come with a built-in power supply but has a dedicated slot at the bottom.  Supports Micro ATX, ATX,/ Mini-ITx motherboard. It got 7 expansion slots with 2 3.5 drive bays and 3 2.5 drive bays. Has 19.96 inch x 9.33inch  x 19.69 inch dimensions. The I/O panel supports 1 USB 3.1 2 US C-type, 1 headphone jack and 1 mic jack.

It is available online

The pros and cons are given below

  • Cool design
  • Well ventilated
  • Liquid cool
  • Very heavy
  • Delicate and can easily be damaged.

Final verdict

It’s a break from the past and it offers a cool new design but it is heavy and does not offer much room for customization.