Sony MHC-V50D, A New Party Speaker

Sony is moving up a gear in our country with its festive speakers. Indeed, the Japanese firm has just unveiled the MHC-V50D, a monobloc enclosure that offers many features for party animals.

The Sony MHC-V50D is an all-in-one speaker that is inspired by previous models of its kind. Because of its relatively high weight, the speaker incorporates handles for easy transport. The MHC-V50D embeds a bright play associated with the largest front speaker and rear of the speaker in the form of projection. The speaker also offers a wide range of features and connections. It thus has the Bluetooth connection (LDAC, AAC, A2DP, AVRCP) accompanied by an NFC chip, a CD / DVD player, a USB port, an FM tuner, an HDMI port for the connect to a TV, input and output RCA dual, and finally two microphone inputs 6.35 mm jack, one of which can accommodate a guitar.

Sony MHC-V50D, A New Party Speaker

Thanks to this, the MHC-V50D can offer a Karaoke mode accompanied by some sound effects (Echo and Fade of the voice). As for the use of the instrument input for the guitar, we do not know it is limited to this instrument or if any simulation amplification / cabinet will be proposed to get a little bit of sound suitable. It is also possible to connect several wired speakers (Party Chain) via dual RCA in / out. As can be seen from the manufacturer’s visuals, the top surface gives you access to many controls for playback management, track navigation and sound modes (Mega bass, Sound Field, Fiesta, Football). The large central circular part also incorporates some controls called “DJ”, to activate certain particular sound effects (Flanger, Isolator, Sampler). The application SongPal and its extension Fiestable can manage all this more intuitively and remotely. With his help, it would also be possible to control certain effects via hand movements.

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The manufacturer is however far too discreet about the sound performance of its multi function speaker. The only information provided concerns a certain Smart High Power technology that would ensure excellent power, especially in bass, and the use of Mica Reinforced Cellular (MRC) fiber cones for loudspeakers. This material would provide better rigidity to withstand high acoustic pressures.