Razer Tartarus Pro vs. Razer Tartarus V2

Razer keypads comprise powerful pro-grade capabilities to step up your gaming with a compact design, lightning speed functionalities, and upgraded ergonomics. Amid Razer Tartarus Pro Vs. Razer Tartarus V2, latter is inexpensive with more or less similar functions and design. Razer Pro features analog-optical switches that are much faster in key actuation and softness. Razer Tartarus V2, however, comprises full anti-ghosting mecha-membrane switching for key registration. V2 is less expensive than the Razer Pro keypad.

Razer Tartarus Pro vs. Razer Tartarus V2

FeaturesRazer Tartarus V2Razer Tartarus Pro
Switch typeMecha-membraneAnalog Optical
Number of keys 3232
Buttons 2020
Key type ProgrammableProgrammable
Customization YesYes
RGB personalization AvailableAvailable
Color availability Mercury white/classic blackMercury white/classic black
Weight 340g363g
Dual-function keys Not AvailableAvailable
Palm Rest IncludedIncluded
Anti-ghosting YesNo
Price $73.99 (updated 2021)$129.99 (updated 2021)

Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad: Analog-Optical Key Switches

Razer Tartarus is amongst the fastest pro gaming keypads with programmable macro action and fully synchronizedRazer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad lighting control to its profile. Make your MMO gaming experience fully customizable with the side-button profile toggling and ergonomic feel in a snap. Also, the action-oriented smooth switches are made pressure-sensitive for instant movement orientation.

Razer Tartarus Pro utilizes optical switching for the fastest and most reliable connectivity with any PC. A 1mm actuation technology does all the needed hard work with point-blank precision and top speed. Get a greater advantage over your competitors with speed and perfect accuracy at all difficulty levels.

Programmable Macros

The programmable keys execute multi-key actuation almost instantly. The embedded command and control system makes no mistakes while performing complex tasks. The Razer Hypershift technology excels in processing controls efficiently in a split-second. All the 32 keys are programmable via software.

The quick-toggle action profiles deliver top-notch convenience and productivity with a one-button profile control. Toggle between various profiles in a click with a dedicated quick-toggle side button to abruptly switch to your favorite profile without needing to change it manually.

Improved Gaming Experience

Razer Pro gaming keypad lights up your gaming experience with professional-grade key settings and a fully synchronized RGB lighting system. Choose from 16.8 Million color combinations to match up your profile with any game type. The chroma color scheme is fully customizable for multi-color keypad arrangements.

Razer Tartarus Pro is compatible with all popular gaming networks to deliver the ultimate experience to hardcore players. It partners with 30+ partners for maximum compatibility and ease of customization when syncing with your favorite game.

Optimal Design

The device is made to stay relevant forever. With fully programmable hardware and a near-perfect design, Razer Pro will be your one-time investment in a gaming keypad. For better movements and paramount sensitivity, an 8-way thumbpad design improves the way you control the game with adjustable smoothness and instant feedback. The overall design is, in all ways, more ergonomic and refined than any other gaming keypad.

Razer analog input is the most enthralling of its features. The optical switch virtually allows infinite command with a 32-key command system. You can register multiple variables on the same key without making the keyboard messed up with false commands. For another set of key assignments, simply toggle to the desired profile with a side button.

  • Analog-optical key switches
  • 32 programmable and pressure-sensitive keys
  • Fully customizable Chroma RGB lighting
  • Includes 8-way directional thumbpad for improved movement controls
  • Switch between profiles instantly with a quick-toggle side button on the keypad
  • Limited keypad color variations
  • Marginally expensive than standard gaming keypads

Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad: Mecha-Membrane Key Switches

Can’t afford the lustily expensive high-end smart keypads? Tartarus v2 gaming keypad will do the trick with its fineRazer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad design and affordable price tag. Razer V2 gaming keypad is the best-selling and most affordable pro-gaming keypad in the USA. It features immense capabilities to light up your pro-gaming saga with maximum compatibility and wide functionalities.

The design is highly ergonomic and customizable for multiple profile modes and RGB backlit settings. Chroma RGB synchronization tune controls up further with Synapse software. Take control of your gaming requirements with a professional-grade device with half the price of what is retailed elsewhere.

Versatile Hardware

The hardware fits any hand size with its adjustable design. Get hold of the game and beat up opponents with a sure lead, thanks to the plush and soft membrane keys and hypersensitive switch settings in V2. All the keys are fully programmable. The 32-key setting can be modified to infinite commands by switching between multiple profiles with a side switch.

The mecha-membrane switches register keys instantly. The gaming-grade tactile feedbacks accomplish the tough tenacity required in gaming and workflow keypads. The mechanical switches never miss click registration on simultaneous presses.

Personalize with a Keypress

Razer Tartarus V2 is flexible to various customizations. From key variable assignment to RGB lighting, promptly personalize everything with a click on the keypad. V2 fully syncs with all the popular games with its built-in support compatibility. Also, the backlit keys feature Chroma RGB settings for key-to-key actualization via the Synapse hardware configuration tool. Sync separately or select from preset profiles for a full light and color splash on your gaming gear.

Ergonomic Design

Razer V2 is compatible with both the Windows and Mac OS versions without any compatibility issues. The hardware is perfectly aligned with the software for maximum comfort alongside top-notch productivity. The dual-position palm rest allows better control over the keypad, thumbpad, and quick-toggle profile button simultaneously.

There’s a 3-way scroll wheel for an even greater grip over the game. V2 gives an unfair advantage over competitors with its fully customizable keys and a scrupulous design.

  • V2 comprises highly sophisticated mecha-membrane switches for pro-grade gaming
  • Ergonomic and affordable
  • Comfortable rubber-dome switches for marathon gaming
  • Fully programmable keys with an 8-way directional thumbpad
  • Dual-position palm rest for extended gaming sessions
  • Synapse-assisted backlit key customization
  • V2 does not support analog switching
  • Dual-function keys unavailable in Tartarus V2