Quiet Computer Case – Unbiased Review

A slumber silence quiet computer case isn’t always the most expensive one. We have compiled the best-rated, cheaper and best-selling quietest computer cases for low-end and mid-range gaming having enough space inside to upgrade to professional usage.




  • Best cooling
  • Filtration system
  • RAM slots

Deep Silence Tower ATX

Deep Silence Tower ATX

  • Rubber dampers
  • HDD & SSD bay

Cooler Master SIL

Cooler Master SIL

  • Metal case
  • GPU support
  • HDDs & SSD Bay

Before getting hands on the best casings, make sure it fits the motherboard. Also, if there’s an additional power supply or HDD needed to be installed, check their dimensions if it fits the auxiliary component when installing inside the casing. In a similarly grouped product range, it takes a brave heart to decide what to buy off all the same-specs CPU casings with a varied price ranges.

Look for the warranty and customer support services and money-back guarantee for a better idea of the manufacturer’s product. If that doesn’t help, read customer reviews thoroughly or filter out less-rated reviews to check out product flaws. The one having minimum flaws and better customer care is the product you were looking for. Here are the best noiseless computer casings available on Amazon with spectacular specs and customer reviews.

List of Quiet Computer Case

NameAlready SoldRatingPricing
Corsair CC-9011077-WW 100R2000+4.6
be quiet! Dark Base PRO 9004000+4.7
CORSAIR Carbide Series 275Q9000+4.4
Deep Silence 3 Mid Tower ATX1200+4.2
Cooler Master SIL-352M-KKN12500+4.5
Fractal Design Define R52000+4.6

Corsair CC-9011077-WW 100R Silent Tower Case

Modern Design

Corsair CC 9011077 WW Carbide Series 100 Silent edition quiet mid-tower case has a more modern, mature and Corsair CC-9011077-WW 100R Silent Tower Caseunderstandable design that fits very well into your setups. Its side sound panels nicely reduce the noise of your PCs.

This tower case has two 120mm sleek fans gives a head start to builders on cooling their systems also 3-speed fan controller can power on overdrive when performance requires it.

It is a simple sharp with a mesh-free front panel. This silent edition of the mid-tower case has clean modern understanding lines with 100R silent processors that is professional enough for the office and customizable for any home PC build.

Easy Installation and Modern Connectivity

Corsair CC 9011077 WW Carbide Series 100 Silent edition quiet mid-tower case has 3.0 compatible USB for easy and modern connectivity and a tool-free side door to access to the case s interior a breeze.

It is a steel tower case which makes installation and upgradability easier than ever. The wiring paths are clean and easy to use and the tool-less drive bays are easy and secure.


Corsair CC-9011077-WW Carbide Series 100R Silent Edition Quiet Mid Tower Case offers you a flexibility that installing your top of the line hardware and the carbide series 100R silent edition tower case with its sleek design, aesthetic look, sound panels, adjustable cooling fans, USB3.0 and tool-free access door all say serious gaming power to your computer systems.

The insulated side panels with noise-isolating material of Corsair CC-9011077-WW Carbide Series 100R Silent Edition Quiet Mid Tower Case reduces the noise of fans that is essential for building a media PC and also if your system contributes to environmental noise.

  • Multiple aligned holes for managing cables
  • The tool-less bays are easy and secure
  • Soundproofing panels
  • Flimsy plastic and hard disk holders
  • Terrible airflow and heat dissipation

be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900 Black

Dual Fan Control

Dark Base PRO 900 Black Rev. 2, Full Tower ATX, 3 Pre-Installed Silent Wings 3 Fans, BGW15, Tempered Glass  be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900 Black Rev. 2Window, RGB LED Illumination provides you three silent wings 3 PWM fans and step-less dual-rail fan controller that is switchable between silence and performance modes. Dark base pro gives you outstanding flexibility and silence with cooling features.

The 8 PWM fan controllers are divided into 2 rails each rail is switchable between silence and performance mode this makes possible to create two cooling zones controlled by just the front panel switch.

Glass and LEDs

Dark base pro 900 REV.2 full tower ATX is the case equipped with and classy and elegant, fully windowed side panel that is made up of tempered glass. And the eye-catching LEDs are in six switchable colors. These LEDs can be stripes freely moved inside the dark base pro 900 PC case.

Dark Base Pro 900 rev.2 can be available in three different colors with elegant designs that are orange, black, and silver.


The dark base pro 900 rev. 2 has a functional PSU shroud that offers a variety of solutions for hiding the PSU and to keep the system neat and tidy. And its covered plates makes possible to install a fan and leave enough space for a radiator in the front.

With its full circuit airflow system, dark base pro 900 rev. 2 is the best case for the extreme requirements of the overclocked system and super silent water-cooled PCs. It also carries 7 more fans and up to 4 radiators that help in reducing noise.

The dark base pro rev. 2 has a relocatable motherboard tray that is fully compatible with E ATX and XL ATX motherboards.

  • Modular HDD slots
  • Three preinstalled silent wings
  • Spacious setting
  • A vast number of configuration options
  • Diagrams are incorrect or do not match the text
  • No ventilation holes for the optional fans
  • Terrible bolt or screws quality

CORSAIR Carbide Series 275Q Quiet Gaming Case

Best Cooling System

CORSAIR Carbide Series 275Q Mid-Tower Quiet Edition Gaming Case is designed with PWM fan repeaters that  Corsair CC-9011077-WW Carbide Series 100R Silentallow to connect up to 6 PWM fans to a single 4 pin PWM header which controls all your fans speed and levels of noise from a single header.

It also includes two 120mm PWM cooling fans that provide airflow with room for up to six cooling fans and multiple liquid radiators.

Premium Features

The high-density sound damping technology with removable roof and side panels decrease the noise of your whole PC. Make your PC at ease with an embedded airflow system assisted by auxiliary fans if any. The maximum noise created by fans and vibrations is damped efficiently by premium rubber damping and eloquent mounting. The rubber mounting provides needed space for isolation and vibration when connected to the mounting surface.

Fine, clean and minimalist styling with curved edges and soft accent lighting, intuitively placed cable routing channels make it easy to route cables neatly away and optimize. The dedicated lanes for wires and HDDs safely and cleanly remove the fuss when installed. There would be enough space and clearance for HDDs and RAM slots without any clutter.

Also, this routing system of CORSAIR Carbide Series 275Q Mid-Tower Quiet Edition Gaming Case easily route cables behind the motherboard to optimize airflow. Its rear-mounted steel drive trays provide a room for 2x 3.5 inches HDDs and 2x 2.5 inches of SSDs with an additional 2x 2.5 inches SSD mounts. Play or work flawlessly with maximum possible room for storage space inside the system.

Dust Filters

CORSAIR Carbide Series 275Q Mid-Tower Quiet Edition Gaming Case has removable front and floor dust filters that ensure your system stays clean, clear and tidy of all the unwanted dust that blocks the system grills stuffing fans and cooling tubes. The dust filters maintain maximum airflow and ultimately the entire CPU functioning increases the life expectancy of modules and cooling systems by optimizing the power supply being fed to the system with better efficiency.

  • Excellent case and easy to build in
  • Best cooling and filtration system
  • The high-density sound damping material
  • The metal used in the case is very thin
  • Flimsy materials

Deep Silence 3 Mid Tower ATX Case Beginner Friendly

Spacious & Upgrade-Friendly

Deep Silence is wholly upgradable, it is made with a thick aluminum damp-free material for a sturdy look and to Deep Silence 3 Mid Tower ATX Case Beginner Friendlymaintain its space when upgraded. The computer case is made for both ATX and micro-ATX gaming case motherboards with multiple slot openings and HDD trays. No need to sacrifice space for HDDs and graphics cards if you can accommodate them all in a single container.

The mid-tower casing design is optimum for most of the gaming systems, both for mid-range and high-end gaming systems and modules. There’s always room for updates and upgrades, the quietness is achieved by rubber dampers and powerful isolators inside the thick metal casing. The metal casing never allows unwanted sounds to get out of the tower premises.

GPU-Oriented Cooling

DS 3 mid-tower case allows up to 345mm graphics card installation without removing anything out of the case. No need to sacrifice anything less than a middle HDD cage when installing life-sized high-end graphics cards. The tower is adequate for beginners, there’s more than expected space available to upgrade from a rookie to pro in Deep Silence 3 mid-tower ATX case.

To install a larger GPU unit, remove the middle HDD cage and enjoy up to 430mm of Full HD gaming experience with a more sophisticated case. The case fits full-length power supply by slightly positioning the mid-HDD cage towards the PSU.

Dust-free Noiseless Design

The casing is fully noise-isolated. It features intuitive damping materials and thick metal coating for noise-free operation at full capacity. The CPU cooler up to 165mm can be installed with maintained noise balancing and vibration-free gaming. The airflow rate is flawless and efficient. There are copper tubes and radiator fans inside the cooling system with a 6 x 3 pin PWM fan controller for automated power input to the fans.

The casing walls are made of breathable metal filled with countless pores and airflow bars for natural heat dissipated and air circulation in and out of the system. For maintenance, simply remove screws and clean PC with front fans.

  • Rubber dampers and isolators
  • Thick metal casing and breathable design
  • GPU installation up to 430mm
  • 6 x 3 pin PWM fan controller included
  • 5 HDD and 3 SSD drive bays
  • Bulky in weight
  • Limited applications

Cooler Master SIL-352M-KKN1 Silencio 352 Silent Case

Sound Dampening

Cooler Master SIL-352 is an excellent sound dampening computer case. It is compatible with micro-ATX and ATX Cooler Master SIL-352M-KKN1 Silencio 352 Silent Casemotherboards with enough space to accommodate graphics cards, cooling systems, and external drives. The system has sound dampening panels for minimal noise generation when running.

For more optimization, Cooler MASTER SIL-KKN1 has dual XtraFlo fans inside. the fans are installed directly to the front and side panels for critical components. The dampening front and side panels confine the generated noise inside them and dissipate them to a larger area.

Optimized Airflow

The airflow is maintained by airy side panels and multiple pore openings to the top, bottom, and front. To utilize the maximum possible area, the CPU height is kept at 155mm with a removable top cover for maximum airflow at overclocking modes or when the system is too hot to run seamlessly.

Silencio 352 is the top-notch design capacity for dual XtraFlo fans. Install 2x 120mm fans or single 240mm fan for maximum air and liquid cooling.

Roomy Interior 

The interior is spacious and ready for upgradations. The casing has drive bays for HDD and SSD installation with enough clearance space for power supplies and auxiliary fans. The top cover can be removed easily with a click. For GPU installation, no need to remove external HDDs or RAM space. Graphics cards up to 355mm can be installed perfectly inside the PC casing. Install up to 3 HDDs or 4 SSDs inside for extension and up-gradation.

  • Quality metal case with removable top lid
  • 155mm casing height, dual 120mm fans, and 14” GPU support
  • XtraFlo fans for maximum airflow
  • Dampening foam material in the front and side panels
  • A few critical components missing
  • No space available for additional fans installation
  • Design is not up to the mark

Fractal Design Define R5 – Mid Tower Computer Case

 Sturdy Design

Fractal R5 is the sturdiest of all in our series, it has thick and shock-absorbing metal frames housing the Fractal Design Define R5 - Mid Tower Computer Casemotherboard and processor setting, dedicated drive bays for external storage and lanes for cables to clear the clutter. The mid-tower casing is made of a configured front door with dual side mounting options for additional radiator fans installation. The sides are loaded with full frames of small pores for natural airflow in and out of the casing.

Completely Optimized

The design is extremely user-friendly. It will never irritate when gaming, it has high-density sound isolation and multiple-frame damping to avoid unwanted vibrations and noises when mounted on the ground. The damping is provided with foamy layers inside the casing along with rubber damping mounts and base support.

The design offers maximum airflow and optimum heat dissipation from the system via countless holes to both the sides and corners of casing along with dual fan support for GPU and motherboard. Install up to two radiator fans inside the system, one with 420mm capacity on top and a 360mm fan to the front side of a metal cage.

Dedicated Storage Capacity

The internal space is spacious enough to house multiple external components and cooling systems. fit in your radiator fans without sacrificing on RAM slots, cable cluttering, or drive bays. The external drive trays are allotted a separate storage space along with a cable housing to the back of the casing. Fractal R5 holds up to eight 3.5” or 2.5” HDDs simultaneously. The SSD storage space is added alongside HDD drive bays for better performance without opening the casing each time.

The drive bays are placed perfectly inside the system to avoid vibrations or unwanted noise. There’s a small opening door to the casing backside for HDD/SSD installation and hassle-free replacement without dismantling it from the top. The quick-release system makes it easier than ever to mount or install the components.

  • 8 x 3.5” or 2.5” HDD drive bays
  • Two housings for 420mm and 360mm radiator fans
  • Maximum damping performance
  • Sturdy build
  • Features Quick Release System
  • Adapter needed to use 2.5” drive bays
  • No dirt filters included for liquid cooling


For low-end and mid-range gaming, ATX and Micro-ATX natural airflow cooling casings with a few advanced accessories are the best picks for first-timers. For pro gamers, better check out our pro-gaming PC casings for better equipped and highly spacious gaming CPU casings.

The best thing about our quiet computer case series reviews is their sound dampening in middle range gaming and workstation PCs. They have rubber and foam dampers inside alongside the dedicated channels to attenuate unwanted sounds. All the best picks for quiet computer cases are reviewed by at least 200 customers with 5-star ratings with overall ratings nothing less than 4/5.