G Pro Hero vs. G Pro Wireless vs. G Pro X Superlight Wireless

Logitech G Pro mice are ultra-fast and ergonomic for professional-grade gaming. When comparing G Pro Hero Vs. G Pro Wireless gaming mice, there are slight variations in design and structure except for the wire-free connectivity in the latter. Logitech G Pro wireless comprises the exact DPI range, onboard memory, 32-bit ARMprocessor, alongside minor differences in weight and construct. The primary difference, however, is the connectivity and control structure.

G Pro Hero vs. G Pro Wireless vs. G Pro X Superlight Wireless

Logitech G PRO Hero Gaming Mouse – Black

Level up your pro gaming expertise with a professional-grade G Pro mouse by Logitech. The compact design andLogitech G PRO Hero Gaming Mouse splendid features combine to accelerate the performance and agility to the maximum with G Pro Hero. Speeding up to 400 IPS with 1:1 tracking compatibility, Hero G Pro delivers paramount performance and one-fits-all solutions to amateur and professional gamers around the world.

Supreme Precision and Agility

Logitech Hero comprises a contemporary 25k senor which can be upgraded anytime via G Hub software update when required. The precision is top-notch at higher and lower DPI settings. The sophisticated software is stringed with rugged construction to endure abrupt clicks with an efficient response rate.

All the six mechanical switches are internally programmable with multiple profile saving modes. Play around with the key combo settings and stay ahead of competitors all the time, thanks to the internal storage system and fully programmable mechanical buttons. The smooth tensioning allows for effortless clicking at higher frequencies without missing out on the critical combinations. Mechanical keys are registered and executed in a flick as in gaming keyboards.

Forever Durable

G Pro Hero is designed to last longer than ever before. With a 50 Million click compatibility and a securely encapsulated shell design, the mouse stays relevant for years without any issues. The mechanical switches alongside spring tensioning buttons add a few more years to the strength and speed of the device.

Upgraded Technology

Make your gaming hours worth the investment with a highly responsive Logitech Hero software. The sensitivity modes range between 100 – 25,600 DPI which helps gamers adjust briskly between a sniper shooting range to a run-for-life fast DPI mode within milliseconds. G Pro Hero also supports 1:1 tracking and a stupendous 400 IPS frame rate for ultimate response in high-speed gaming modes.

Gleam the Game with LIGHTSYNC

Logitech offers generous 16.8M lighting patterns with its LIGHTSYNC technology. Choose colors that fit best with the team emblems or sync them with any connected Logitech device in seconds. Logitech supports full-scale color customization via G software.

  • Updated 25k sensor delivers benchmark agility and performance
  • 100 – 25,600 DPI rate with instant switching phenomenon
  • 40+ GHz acceleration rate
  • 16.8M LIGHTSYNC RGB technology
  • Six programmable mouse buttons
  • 50+ Million click rate compatibility
  • Big-budget mouse
  • Wired design

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Go wireless delivers the exact speed and productivity as in wired mice for professional gaming. The all-new G ProLogitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse wireless incorporates an updated software with hassle-free and clutter-free connectivity. The report rate connectivity is recorded at 1ms for G Pro wireless version, indicating paramount performance parameters, that too without compromising on corresponding functions and overall design.

Lightweight and Sturdy Endoskeleton

G Pro Wireless is extremely convenient for heavy-duty gamers. Weighing around 80 grams, the design fits both hands without any serious compatibility issues. The exterior is smooth and handy, and the interior is even sturdier. A thin shell cages the ARM processor while making room for side button customizations.

Onboard mechanical buttons endure 50 million lifetime clicks. Also, the side buttons are easily replaceable, adding a few more years to the game once replenished.

Extensive Customization

Logitech G Pro is fully customizable from buttons to batteries. Logitech LIGHTSYNC enables complete lightning management with indigenous LGS configuration. Select from 16.8M hues and combinations or get your device synced with the corresponding Logitech accessories by connecting it to LGS.

Persistent Performance

Speed and precision are the benchmark parameters that define the performance of a professional-grade gaming mouse. Logitech is made for pro gamers by professional gamers in the eSports industry for maximum productivity and high-end ergonomics during intensive gameplay. The actual software does not comprise smoothing and filtering. The software is ready-made for pro-gaming tournaments and competitive eSports applications.

The DPI performance is set between 100- 25,600 for instant switching between speedy modules and zoom modes with only a click on the mouse. The embedded Hero 25k sensor upgrades the DPI performance parameters via G Hub software. Hero 25k exceeds DPI capacity instantly from 16k to 25k with this newest sensor.

  • Lightweight and ultra-fast pro wireless gaming mouse
  • Endures 50 million click capacity
  • Software-assisted button customization
  • Hero 25k sensor can be upgraded for up to 25600 DPI
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Six programmable buttons
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Slightly low response rate compared with wired versions
  • Nothing More

Logitech G Pro Hero Vs. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G Pro HeroLogitech G Pro Wireless
25,600 maximum DPIUp to 25,600 maximum DPI
Connectivity: WiredConnectivity: Wireless
8 buttons6 buttons
Programmable with Onboard memoryProgrammable with Onboard memory

Logitech G PRO X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse – Black

Logitech G Pro X is super-fast and lightest of all the professional-grade gaming mice in the market. TheLogitech G PRO X Superlight Wireless ambidextrous control and frictionless fluidity make it a great gadget for long-term usage. G Pro Superlight is insanely fast and equally precise in performance. The latency rate is kept at minimal with ultra-light and innovative pro-grade wireless technology that competes fully with super-fast wired connectivity.

Ultra-Lightweight Design

Logitech G Pro X weighs 63g, about 25% lightweight than the standard pro-grade wireless mice. The superlight structure maximizes gaming performance up to 10x. The reliability is improved with highly precise Hero sensor technology that skillfully controls your gaming performance in fast action as well as in sniper modes.

Friction-less Performance

For its superlight design, G Pro X delivers superb performance in eSports. The quality is preserved with a sophisticated 32-bit ARM processor that delivers a lightning-fast report rate of 1ms. The fluidity is retained with zero-resistance PTDE feet for an effortless slide and scroll capacity. The point-blank precision and impeccable speed make G Pro the ultimate tournament-grade mouse for serious gamers.

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Logitech G Pro X Superlight Vs. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G Pro X SuperlightLogitech G Pro Wireless
Virgin Grade PTFEPTFE
No lightingRGB lighting
Hero 25k sensorHero 25k sensor
5 buttons8 buttons
Onboard memoryOnboard memory
  • Pro-grade Hero 25k sensor
  • 1ms report rate
  • 32-bit ARM microprocessor
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing less than 63g
  • Extended battery life up to 70 hours
  • Resistance-free PTFE feet for flawless slide and scroll
  • A bit overpriced for medium-range gamers
  • Fragile build