Corsair Hydro H50 vs Corsair Hydro H55

Corsair CPU coolers work best with contemporary gaming systems and workstations. The cooling properties and copper-based cold-plate make them a great application for long-term usage without overheating or damaging the PC.

Also, the fan noise is kept around 30.32 dBA in both Corsair Hydro 50 and Hydro 55 versions to deliver paramount gaming capability in a calm setting. Both feature low-profile designs that enable maximum productivity and space.

Corsair Hydro H50 vs Corsair Hydro H55

Key Features Corsair Hydro H50 Corsair Hydro H55
CPU Compatibility Intel Intel, AMD
Cold Plate copper copper
Radiator Dimensions 120mm x 152mm x 27mm 120mm x 152mm x 27mm
Fan Dimensions 120mm x 120mm x 25mm 12mm x 120mm x 25mm
Design Low-profile Low-profile
Fan Noise 30.32 dBA 30.32 dBA

CORSAIR Hydro Series H50 Quiet Edition Liquid CPU Cooler


CORSAIR Hydro Series H50 will run your PC cool and quieter when you replace your CPU’s standard heatsink with aCORSAIR Hydro Series H50 hydro series H50.  Corsair hydro series are completely self-contained with pre-filled and never need refilling or priming.

It is designed with a tool-free mounting bracket kit that gives you a modular design and makes installation easier and simpler.

Corsair hydro series H50 has low noise and low speed 120mm fan. Its wide diameter reduces the noise levels and the three-pin connector is compatible with fan controllers.

Corsair hydro coolers are engineered with low permeability and rubber tools offer high flexibility and incredible leak protection and also for minimal coolant evaporation serves to ensure long life.

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Low-Profile Pump

Corsair Hydro Series H50 has a feature of a low-profile. The low-profile pump unit provides us a high-speed circulation without taking any space.

The pump unit makes the installation simpler, easier and improves the case’s flow of PC. Its latest generation micro-thin fin copper plate with pre-applied compound helps in excellent thermal transfer and fin design in optimization for efficient heat exchange.

Also, its low-profile black aluminum heat exchanger design helps to reduce the airflow and make corsair H50 quieter and for easier installation and to improve compatibility.

  • 120 x 120 x 25mm of fan dim and 30.32 Dba fan noise
  • Straightforward installation; no strings attached
  • Low-profile pump unit for easy installation
  • Black aluminum heat exchanger reduces the airflow requirements
  • Rubber tooling for both high flexibility and leak protection
  • Not compatible with AMD sockets
  • Pipes are not flexible enough



Corsair Hydro H55 is a completely self-contained CPU cooler with a tool-free mounting bracket. These Tool-freeCORSAIR HYDRO SERIES H55 mounting brackets are designed for optimized cooling and better functioning.

Its flexible tube and advance components make the corsair H55 easier to install and allows to improve your system’s efficiency. Corsair H55 is a completely advance self-contained pre-filled cooler and it never needs any priming or refilling.

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A modular design tool-free mounting brackets or bracket kit helps in easier and simpler installation, also its modular design is compatible with Intel as well as AMD processors.

The key features of corsair hydro series H55 are low-noise, low permeability rubber tooling, and low-speed fan. These features improve flexibility, protection from leakage, and excellent working of the cooler. The low speed and wide diameter help to reduce noise from the fans of the cooler. Also, it has a 3 pin connector, compatible with fan controllers, and reduces noise.

Low Permeability

Corsair hydro series H55 cooler has low permeability rubber tooling that increases flexibility. Also, its coolant evaporation system helps to ensure long life and the rubber tool is for both high flexibility and excellent protection from any leakage from the cooler.

Without talking much space corsair H55’s low profile-pump unit provides us a high-speed circulation and improves the case’s airflow and makes the installation easier and more simple.

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Black Aluminum Design

Corsair Hydro H55 series has the latest generation micro-fine copper cold plate and pre-applied thermal compound feature for thermal transfer and micro fin-copper design is for optimization and increasing the efficiency in heat exchange.

Especially, its low-profile black aluminum heat exchanger is designed to reduce the airflow requirements. Its black aluminum design and small size make it easier to install. Also, an improved compatibility and black finish look makes H55 more elegant and quieter than others.

  • Low-noise, low-speed fan
  • Flexible rubber hose and low-profile pump for installation in tight spaces
  • Micro-fin cold plate for flawless heat exchange
  • Low-profile heat exchanger
  • The cooling socket supports both Intel and AMD processors
  • Straightforward installation with completely self-contained features
  • Expensive than other hydro series CPU coolers
  • None other