Best Threadripper Cooler

The best threadripper cooler must be simultaneously efficient in performance and durability to last a few years, at least. The high-performing gaming CPUs require multi-fan cooling setups for overclocking modes. When looking for the best cooling setup, make sure it works silently at high-intensity modes.

Also, ensure it clears out enough space for memory chips and fits perfectly inside your CPU without a worry. All the modern CPU coolers are either software-controlled or synced with the heat sensors to optimize speed with CPU stress levels. Verify to buy one with a semi-automatic or AI-controlled cooling system.

Our best-in-the-business coolers list includes the latest and ergonomic cooling options for your PC needs.

NameAlready SoldRatingPricing
ARCTIC Freezer 50 TR300+4.6
be quiet! Dark Rock Pro8000+5.6
Fractal Design Celsius S36-3601000+4.7
Noctua NH-U12A, Premium CPU Cooler2000+5.0
EVGA CLC 280mm3000+4.7

ARCTIC Freezer 50 TR – Dual Tower CPU Cooler for AMD Ryzen

Arctic Freezer 50 TR is a hardcore dual tower CPU cooler specifically designed for high-performance PCs. It can ARCTIC Freezer 50 TRhandle CPU having ultimate clocking speeds efficiently and without creating unwanted fan noise. The ergonomics are improved with a dual tower design and A-RGB lighting controls. For an ideal airflow, 50 TR has dual fans to rip through the heat quite effectively.

The dual-tower design is designed with a maximum RAM clearance up to 37.5mm height. The larger cooling space is fixed with 8 U-shaped heat pipes that clear out excess heat from all the corners of your processor and PC parts.

Freezer 50 TR comprises a 120mm and a 140mm fan for maximum airflow from the inside. Both the fans are in complete sync with the system needs. Furthermore, the fan speed is controlled with a push-pull configuration to reserve excess energy.

For lighting, a 13-LED A-RGB system is configured in sync with the mainboard connection. The lighting setup is either lit independently inside the cooling system or it can be coordinated with the Intel or AMD processor and CPU settings for integrated lighting.

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4, BK023

German engineering and patented design make Dark Rock Pro TR4 a reasonable cooling option for any workstation be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4, BK023or gaming setup. It is tiny in size and offers maximum clearance for all the PC types. Also, Dark Pro could be installed on the PC from above without removing the internal components.

The fan speed is always kept at optimal levels with an intelligent PWM design. Whenever your CPU needs an extra mile, PWM silently increases the fan speed to get things going. The funnel-shaped cooler front allows maximum airflow assisted with 7 heat pipes spread to the cooler surroundings.

Inside, the fans are designed with Silent Wings 3 technology and optimized fins for RAM clearance. The heat pipes are made of copper for maximum heat conductance and without emitting improper leakages. The fans never exceed above 24.3 dB noise levels, ensuring an industry-enhanced cooling standard.

Dark Rock Pro TR4 fans are run with 6-pole motors. The motors are soaked with fluid-dynamic bearings and advanced PWM speed control to save the processing power of your CPU.

Fractal Design Celsius S36-360 mm Radiator

Celsius S36 has an integrated design and cutting-edge technology to make your system cooler and sharper than Fractal Design Celsius S36-360 mm Radiatorbefore. The triple-fan setup recreates the cooling system with top RAM clearance.

For a clutter-free operation, S36 features a completely enclosed cable setup. All the wires are managed with an integrated fan hub for hassle-free installation.

Inside the 3x 120mm fans, the speed is maintained either with a manual PWM between 500 to 2000 RPM or automatically controlled by the fan hub via its thermal sensors. For normal usage, the fins are completely silent whatsoever. Under full capacity, fan noise levels will never exceed your gaming sounds.

Fractal design inside Celsius S36 is a trademarked technology for all the intelligent fan speed and cooling controls. The advanced system controls both the fan and pump speeds with an integrated system. The software allows both the dual and automatic mode activation with a single switch.

S36 is highly sophisticated in hardware design along with its sophisticated technology. G ¼ thread safely extends 360mm radiators to the CPU, allowing maximum installation compatibility with most of the high-performance setups.

The rubber tubing covered with nylon increases cooling and maintains performance for years.

Noctua NH-U12A, Premium CPU Cooler with High-Performance

Noctua cooling performance is vouched by its worldwide trust in the PC market. The latest award-winning NH-U12A Noctua NH-U12A, Premium CPU Coolermodel is no lesser than its predecessors in speed, optimization, and compatibility with a wide range of CPUs.

The cooler is made with a 125mm wide measuring than features dual 120mm fans. The fans are optimized in speed and robustness to compete with 140mm fans in performance.

Noctua U12A dual fans are in complete symmetry for all the cooling modes. The latest aerodynamic design and clearance makes them one of the best threadripper coolers in the market. The quietness is achieved with an advanced push/pull configuration. The fans stay noiseless even in extreme overclocking modes, thanks to the most advanced fan design and sharp edges that sway away from the air silently.

For heat conduction, the NH-U12A premium cooler has 7 heat pipes dispersed in all directions from the radiator. They are made of high-quality copper with leakage-free and durable ergonomics.

For clearance, 158mm vertical height is always good enough for RAM and PCIe to fit inside along with the coolers. Users will not miss out on the precious RAM and PCIe slots by entering a U12A cooling setup inside their gaming setups. For Noctua U12A, the maximum clearance height for RAMs is 42mm.

EVGA CLC 280mm All-In-One RGB LED CPU Liquid Cooler

EVGA CLC offers extensive cooling in its newfangled 280mm tower coolers. The controls are automatically defined EVGA CLC 280mm All-In-One RGB LED CPU Liquid Coolerinside the EVGA software for optimal PC performance.

LED lightings radiate synced lightings with other EVGA components installed in the CPU for a luminous show. The noise levels are spectacular at the highest fan speeds. In overclocking modes, the noise levels never exceed 20 dB.

The design and performance are smooth and formidable for all the CPU types. ECGA CLC is compatible with most of the processor types including AMD AM series and Intel processors.

The superb cooling control maintains airflow, displays pump data, fan performance, heat levels, and RGB profiles on the screen via EVGA software.

For hardcore endurance, EVGA CLC features Teflon bearings and a sophisticated aerodynamic fan designed arranged meticulously so that the noise levels are minimum at all cooling levels. To avoid cable interruptions, a sleeved tubing with a nylon coating carries all the wires from the radiator mouth to the fan hub and then to the CPU.

EVGA is a beautiful blend of style and performance. It is a great pick with a well-lit and sophisticated performance cooling system for high-end gaming setups.


Our compilation of best threadripper coolers includes all the dimensions and sizes that may fit inside maximum processors in high-end PCs. Not sure if it fits well with your processor? Have a look at our best coolers for dedicated CPUs. For rendering, selecting a CPU cooler is altogether a different tale. Also, keep your processor-type in mind before making a final choice.