Best RAM for Ryzen 5 1600

When looking for the best RAM for Ryzen 5 1600 and beyond, it’s obvious you are looking for the perfect beast out there in the market. With swathes of RAM kits available, it’s tricky to find the best one. You surely need an expert opinion for the right pick, and we are here for that.

Clock speed is standard practice when buying a RAM, but that is not the only thing you need to consider buying the best RAM for your gaming system. For that, keep looking for heat dissipation range, pin configuration, XMP support, clearance space, and of course the price range alongside the crucial speed and compatibility assessment.

List of Best RAM for Ryzen 5 1600

NameAlready SoldRatingPricing
Patriot Viper Steel Series5000+4.6
Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 266620000+4.7
G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB)500+4.7
G.SKILL Aegis 16GB 288-Pin DDR4100+4.7
TEAMGROUP Elite Plus DDR4 32GB Kit100+4.7

Patriot Viper Steel Series DDR4 16GB

Patriot Steel bodied DRAM is built with utmost perfection and stimulating design. Compatible with allPatriot Viper Steel Series DDR4 16GB the next-gen gaming powerhouses, the 16GB RAM accommodates superior graphics and extreme overclocking modes in a sprint.

The RAM features a dual-channel design and XMP 2.0 overclocking support with speeds up to 44000 MHz. The base performance starts from 33000 MHz for a lag-free operation throughout your gaming sessions. Patriot Viper is your ultimate savior when using memory-devouring apps and workstation software with flying colors. No need to install additional memory systems if you have Viper Steel 16GB dynamo RAM kit.

The performance is enhanced with high-end stability and maximum heat dissipation to cancel out unwanted system breakouts. The sturdy aluminum heat shield and steel body with a diamond-cut viper logo steal the show in both performance, sturdiness, and style. Patriot Viper DDR4 RAM will turn out to be a great upgrade for your Ryzen or Intel gaming systems.

Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2666 MHz DDR4 DRAM

Ballistix memory uplifts your latest gaming systems and workstations without a hassle. The design isCrucial Ballistix Sport LT 2666 MHz DDR4 DRAM made perplexing enough for extreme overclocking and gaming support. The Intel XMP 2.0 makes it quite easier to install your memory without configuring BIOS. The plug and play support makes Crucial 16GB memory kit a rather pleasant and run-of-mill procedure without tinkering with the system settings to get installation right.

For maximum operating performance, the Ballistix RAM kit adjusts automatically and delivers speedy switching between the base and overclock modes. The latest DDR4 support enhances compatibility for all the next-gen Intel and Ryzen processors with no serious issues in clearance if it’s the right model. For rendering, the clock speed runs as fast as up to 2666 MHz on desktops.

If you have XMP 2.0 enabled in UEFI/BIOS, the memory speed will turn to maximum accordingly when needed without manual speed parameters, thanks to its CT16 latency. Also, the Ballistix memory kit won’t add undesirable mass to your system as it weighs 1.28oz with a 288-pin U-DIMM structure.

G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM

For budgeted gamers, G.Skill Ripjaws memory modules are surely a blessing in disguise. A dual-channelG.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM 16GB SDRAM features everything inside it that must be there in a power-packed gaming RAM kit. It has an enchanting design coupled with superior hardware, heat sinking, and easily synchronized software.

Play hardcore games or work freely on RAM-thirsty apps without loading times and lags. V Series 2x8GB RAM kit is enabled to work alongside the latest gaming PCs including Intel, Ryzen, and other processors.  A splendid 288-pin DDR4 memory kit works fine up to 2666 MHz clock speeds without an issue.

For heat dissipation, Ripjaws V Series includes Red heatsinks made of aluminum restricting any superfluous heat to run through the system. The standard operating voltage is 1.20v for all the PCs it connects with. Also, there’s no obligation to rip apart your system for the sake of installation, just plug and play without indulging in BIOS up-gradation or other system tweaks. Make sure to check the RAM’s compatibility with your motherboard before buying it.

G.SKILL Aegis 16GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 

G.Skill Aegis features a simplistic look and complex internal details to keep your high-end gamingG.SKILL Aegis 16GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4  systems and workstations up and running in hostile digital territories. The 288-pin RAM kit is designed by professionals for professionals. It is primarily designed for heavy-duty app performance and lag-free gaming. The hardware and software are synced with a design void of any imperfection whatsoever.

For desktops, Aegis RAM utilizes an ultra-low voltage of 1.2v only. The high clock speed compensates for loads and lags if your system is fully compatible with the memory kit. At overclocking modes, the speed tops 2666 MHz for smooth graphics and motion inside your PC. The CAS latency is fixed at maximum CL 19 with tremendous 19-19-19-43 clock timings so that you never miss a glance when gaming. G.Skill 16GB RAM kit gives a formidable advantage to gamers and professionals over their competitors with their flickering speeds.

The layered silicon casing and indigenous metal heat dissipation make things more in control. Fear no system breakdown when G.Skill Aegis is part and parcel of your gaming PC. Aegis’s newest DDR4 design fits with all the existing and upcoming PC models and processor types, including Intel and Ryzen systems.

TEAMGROUP Elite Plus DDR4 32GB Kit (2 x 16GB) 2666MHz PC4-21300 

If you are really into high-end heavy gaming, TEAMGROUP Elite Plus 32GB RAM kit is your thing. TheTEAMGROUP Elite Plus DDR4 32GB Kit (2 x 16GB) 2666MHz PC4-21300  tremendous speed and swathes of memory space deliver a real memory boost to your PC. The XMP 2.0 support enabled U-DIMM DDR4 memory module is all you need to get ahead of everyone. Elite Plus 32GB dual-channel is a non-ECC unbuffered version and offers a CL-19 latency with 2666 MHz overclocking threshold speeds.

The red and black hardware is robust from the inside out. With the latency, power, and compatibility, Elite Plus 32GB tops the list for all the newest gaming systems, from Intel’s 9th generation to Ryzen 5 1600 and beyond.

TEAMGROUP is tiny and the fastest in the Elite series. Buy it without a second thought if it’s for improving overall system efficiency or for gaining a competitive edge in terms of speed and space. It makes your processor runs twice as fast with much lower heat dissipated with a mere 1.2v power consumption. The stability is quite stirring when gaming online, thanks to superior quality hardware.


Medium-range and low-budget gamers and VFX creators need not necessarily opt for the best in the world RAM kit if they can’t buy one or it’s over and out of their rendering capacity. The best RAM varies with usage capability, and there’s no need for wasting your system space and hard-earned money if there’s no need for a 32GB kit when you can do great with 16GB. Always opt for a RAM kit that precisely fills your appetite.