Best RAM for Ryzen 3000

The best RAM for Ryzen 3000 is the one that is compatible with all the existing and coming generations for high-end gaming and professional practice. To find the best RAM for Ryzen 3000 or Intel Core i9-9900K, it must have an existing architecture to speed up the system in overclocking modes without sacrificing on parallel running components and power supply.




  • Reliable
  • Overclocking
  • Lightweight



  • Fast
  • Responsive
  • Compatible

Patriot 16GB

Patriot 16GB

  • High Speed
  • Low Cost
  • Efficient

The internal heat dissipation must be top-notch for any overclocking RAM. The latency index and design are secondary features needed to be checked before clicking the buy button.

The next thing is to look for the asking price of the selected RAM. If it’s overpriced with feature index counting more than needed, don’t buy it. Instead, buy a RAM with exact features as needed and the one that falls under the buying range. After selecting the best RAM in features, design, and price, look for its user reviews on social media, ask your friend, or join communities to read customer reviews, or the best thing is to look for existing buyer reviews on Amazon for a better insight of product and seller’s behavior. Here’s a complete overview of all the selected items that may fit perfectly to your upcoming gaming system:

List of Best RAM for Ryzen 3000

NameAlready SoldRatingPricing
G.SKILL 16 GB1000+4.6
CORSAIR RAM -Black50000+4.7
HyperX Predator Black 32GB5000+4.8
Patriot 16GB Kit3000+4.7
Corsair Vengeance PRO 32GB2000+5.0

G.SKILL F4-3600C16D-16GTZR 16 GB (8 GB x 2)

Light up Your Space

G.Skill 16GB RAM is lightning fast for its DDR4 hierarchy and LED lighting all over its surface. The RGB lighting G.SKILL F4-3600C16D-16GTZR 16 GB (8 GB x 2)performs best in ark modes and complete sync with all the gaming PCs and workstations if need be. The lighting effect is specially designed for enhanced brightness and fresh ways to create a better feel. There are no strips involved in the lighting design, and it looks as if the lighting is coming from a glass surface.

The cutting-edge RGB lighting technology creates rainbow wave patterns to both the RAMs with perfect matching. The lighting is comprised of 16.8 Million colors and editable modes for customizations. Its full-length bar takes 1.2v only in DC and is enhanced by a powerful PCB layout to support all the internal functions. G.Skill memory kit has its native G.Skill v1.00.22 Beta app for lighting customization and control.

Fast & Accurate

The RAM setup is highly sophisticated for its clock speed handling, and a bundle of additional hertz added for quality gameplay in next-generation systems. The DDR4 RAMs are fastest so far, backed by PC4-28800 and 1.35 volts of total voltage consumption. It is the most efficient of all the RAMs launched by G.Skill and is doing great so far in gaming PCs around the world. The unmatched overclocking endurance is coupled with the contemporary 10-layer PCB. The PCB is layered for better data processing without taking more from the system space.

Eloquent Heat Dissipation

The heat-dissipating aluminum spreaders are attached in line with the circuitry for highly efficient heat conduction and dissipation from the memory kit without making additional noises. The aluminum heat controls are lightweight and are produced with a hair-in finish to make the maximum out of the RAM ib overclocking modes. For better performance in full speed modes, G.Skill features Intel XMP 2.0 profile support for overclocking.

Clock Speed and Endurance

The clock speed is kept at 3600 MHz, far better and efficient than the competing models at a cost-effective asking price. The 2x 8GB RAM is engineered with the famous SDRAM technology under the DDR4 memory profile. The user warranty lasts for a lifetime, and there’s a 24/7 response to customer care to answer queries relating to installation and warranty claims.

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Lighting controls with built-in customization
  • Fast and responsive
  • 3600 MHz clock speed
  • Compatible with all the latest generation PCs
  • Withstand overclocking modes comfortably
  • Costly and unergonomic design
  •  May obstruct other components inside the PC


Tested for Overclocking

CORSAIR Vengeance is extensively tested for better performance in all the supported motherboards available in the CORSAIR VENGEANCELPX16GBmarket. It has high efficiency compared to the DDR3 versions, greater bandwidth, and more functions with a lower voltage consumption, i.e., 1.2v only. The Vengeance has already rocked the gaming market with its design and high speed. Overclock up to 3200 MHz without any issues. It remains at the calm mode throughout the gaming session with an impressively designed ventilation system.

Low profiling makes things even better for clearance. Users can afford more auxiliary components inside their systems, with RAM taking lesser space and height adjustments. The performance testing involved overclocking endurance at maximum frequencies and temperature measurements when overclocking for a longer duration. Before passing it from Quality Control, CORSAIR Vengeance is tested on all the available systems and the ones that are still not available in the market.

Aluminum Spreaders

The aluminum heat spreaders are designed in line with the low-profile design derived by CORSAIR. The heat spreaders are made of aluminum so that they can allow the maximum heat transfer with the high conductivity of metal and its lightweight structure.

The Vengeance LPX heat spreaders pull heat away from all the ICs embedded inside the PCB layout of RAM and ensure quiet operation without external fans or ventilation.

Latest Form Factor

CORSAIR has added up more speed and performance to its all-new Vengeance LPX RAM. The latest DDR4 form factor is the fastest available in the market, and it has higher running frequencies and endurance to overclocking modes. The greater bandwidth allows a few pings when gaming online in multiplayer modes, and the speed has dramatically rocketed in the newest DDR4 modules compared to the good old DDR3 RAMs.

To make the RAM more enhancing and simplistic, there’s an XMP 2.0 support available alongside it that saves from unwanted hassles of reinstalling drivers and setting up your system for overclocking modes. Everything is automated and clean, simply plug it in and start playing.

Colorful RAMs

CORSAIR’s Vengeance LX series is colorful and compatible to fit in all the motherboards. It has black, red, blue, and white variants available to match the PC and casing settings of your choosing. The external structure is made rugged with plastic coating. It protects the internal circuitry from rust and environmental conditions.

  • Rugged and reliable
  • An excellent choice for overclocking
  • Low-profile design with aluminum heat spreaders
  • Fast and superior DDR4 modules
  • Lightweight
  • LED lighting not embedded inside the RAM
  • May not be available in countries outside the USA

HyperX Predator Black 32GB Kit 3600MHz

Compatibility & Design

If you are familiar with the gaming systems, here’s the best and latest addition to the HyperX predator series. It is HyperX Predator Black 32GB Kit 3600MHzsimply the best runner fielded in the ground for high-end gaming performance with lowest latency rates and boosted speeds when in overclocking modes.

The functions are fantastic, with great compatibilities to top the chart in hardcore gaming and bulky industrial PCs for designing and programming. The pitch-black HyperX RAM kit is all in one solution to the gaming and professional needs. It is available for all the preceding, latest, and future motherboard versions and CPUs.

The 32GB RAM version is best for all the next-generation PCs that support FHD gaming at faster Hertz rates, up to 3200MHz. The design is low-profile and is ergonomic when installed inside the system. It creates enough clearance space for auxiliary components to fit inside.

Powerful PCB

The PCB is robust and cunningly designed to create enough space for ventilation and aluminum heat spreaders in the high-speed modes. The PCB design ensures protection for the ICs. It allows aluminum heat spreaders to cool the rig perfectly at the right time without making an iota of additional sounds.

The DDR4 technology has reached a milestone in the overall speed and design compatibility of RAMs. The dual RAMs have a 10-layer PCB each for better signal strength and efficient communication without dissipating excess heat and energy. HyperX requires 1.35 volts of power supply from the system to keep running correctly.

Intel XMP Optimized

The Intel XMP optimization saves unwanted fuss of installing drivers manually each time. The Intel Extreme memory profile automates the overclocking modes with utter ease and perfection. All you need is to select the built-in and create or modify profiles in the BIOS.

  • High clock speed and ergonomic design
  • Low-profile 2x 16 GB updated DDR4 RAM
  • Aluminum heat spreaders
  • Compatible with all the motherboards
  • Intel XMP profiling for latest Intel chips
  • LED lighting not installed in the kit
  • Expensive product for intermediate gamers

Patriot 16GB Kit (2 X 8GB) 3400 MHz (PC4-27200)

Go Extreme!

The extreme version for hardcore gamers and enthusiastic system builders, the all-new Patriot Viper 4, is more than an ordinary DDR4 RAM in the market. The dual kit includes 2x 8 GB RAMs with double the efficiency and clocking speed than the normal gaming RAMs dedicated to DDR4 modules.

Everything is done and dusted in testing modes to check performance, enhancement, and compatibility of the system before the product was launched. The all-new Patriot kit is made with high-quality materials to last for a lifetime. The build is low-profile, and it covers no extra space in the motherboard when installed.

Heat Dissipation

The heat dissipation is a vital function in a hardcore gaming or professional setup. The heat is dissipated with the aircraft-grade aluminum frames for better heat conduction and throwing capacity, thanks to its lightweight structure that fits in perfectly to a minuscule structure.

It takes no more than 1.35 volts of DC power from the system at the highest clock speeds. The heat shield is built to protect internal PCB layer damage and burns when overclocking for days. For serious gaming RAM updates, this is probably the most hardcore one and casual choice with powerful functions and lesser asking price and this is also best RAM for i9 9900k.

Speed and Stability

The clock speed is enormous. All the pro-gamers need to utilize their milliseconds without unwanted latencies when the gaming has reached its summit. To avoid overclocking, lags, and unwanted heat that may distress your gaming, it is better to spend more on overclocking endurance and speed ratios than installing unwanted gigabytes that stays unused all the time.

The fastest it can reach is 3400 MHz, the lowest speed for Viper 4 series DDR RAM is 2133 MHz. There’s a lifetime warranty card attached alongside the package if it’s not working or was damaged on the way. The DIMM type is 288-pin, and it supports Intel XMP to fit inside all the Intel chipsets.

Intel XMP

The Intel XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) is made to enhance the functions and performance in overclocking modes. It also quashes any need to install each driver and overclocking setup manually. The RAM is compatible with all the Intel 100 series processors, installs, and adapts automatically with the system.

  • High-speed DDR4 RAM
  • Cost-effective
  • Features Intel XMP 2.0
  • Efficient and conserves power
  • Aluminum heat shield for cooling
  • Lighting display and built-in software not included
  • Reduced RAM capacity, i.e., 16GB only

Corsair CMW32GX4M2C3200C16 Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB

Game Vividly

Yes, that’s true! Play dismissing the stress with colored settings on your RAM. The RGB lighting on both the RAMsCorsair CMW32GX4M2C3200C16 Vengeance features 10 differently organized lighting strips to play around with colors in synchronization with the game setting. The latest and native iCUE software is all you need to customize and synchronize before getting hands on the system.

The dynamic multi-zone and multi-colored lighting performance are all you need to set your mood while gaming. The software enables complete sync with all the CORSAIR components, including fans, keyboards, and mice, with a unified light show.

Optimization and Response

The performance of all-new CORSAIR Vengeance 32GB is optimized with its compatibility to endure larger bandwidth and more hertz per second. The next-generation DDR4 form factor has made things even better and more sophisticated. The peak performance modes work great in high overclocking speeds without dissipating additional heat or sucking up more than usual volts and amperes from the power supply.


CORSAIR Vengeance is compatible with all the latest CPUs, including the latest AMD and Intel motherboards. The Intel XMP makes things even better and more adaptive to the latest Intel 100 series processors. Perform a one-time hassle of installing and setting the clock speed inside a BIOS and enjoy overclocking without playing with it all the time.

The PCB is designed and optimized for overclocking modes. It dissipates the lowest heat content for its layered structure. The design includes a 10-layer setup that has laminations between all the PCBs for air conditioning and better signal processing.

Heat Processing

The aircraft-grade aluminum heat processors make the system cool and calm in normal and overclocking modes. The ICs are carefully installed with face towards the aluminum heat conductors. The high heat conductivity of aluminum allows for better cooling and decreased latency when overclocking or editing enormous videos at high flash rates.

  • High-speed 32GB dual RAM kit
  • Ergonomic in shape
  • High-rated design and storage capacity
  • All-new DDR4 SDRAM
  • Comprises software-controlled RGB lighting strips
  • A bit pricey for normal usage
  • May not ship to countries outside the US
  • Check system compatibility before buying


If you have already decided what’s the best RAM for your next gaming setup, skip to the next article. Still can’t decide in favor of any product? Here are a few tips to look back and decide from our carefully compiled list for the best RAM for Ryzen 3000 and Intel Core i9-9900k motherboards. A better RAM for gaming isn’t always the one with more storage capacity.

The clocking speed is critical in deciding what’s the best one for gaming. If you are a dark-mode gamer, better buy stylish RGB lighting RAM strip, albeit it costs more and is fragile compared to hardcover RAMs. Sync and play around with colors if it suits for the gaming needs. For low-budget gamers, better buy a simpler and more compact version rather than sacrificing performance on RGB lighting setup.