Best RAM for Ryzen 1600

Ryzen has catered to all market segments by introducing the range of its products, here are the best RAM for Ryzen 1600 series of processors.

Having the entry-level machines you need something extra to boost its performance and keep inline with others more expensive ones.

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List of Best RAM for Ryzen 1600

NameAlready SoldRatingPricing
Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB125000+4.8
G.Skill 16GB (Dual Channel Kit)1000+4.6
Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2666 MHz22000+4.7
Crucial Ballistix 2666 MHz DDR41500+4.6

Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB) Memory Kit

The best inline Corsairs DDR4 DRAM memory kit in the market for Ryzen 1600 is its LPX products. Best RAM for Ryzen 1600

Calibrated at 1.35V instead of 1.20V this Memory stick delivers maximum output but the drawback is it gets heated. Corsair provides a solid aluminum heat spreader to cool off these memory sticks and to dispense their heat more efficiently.

Corsair presents LPX modules in red, blue, and black color to sit well with your motherboard style and design. XMP 2.0 capability ensures the on-demand boost and overclocking from these memory sticks.

  • Its memory ICs are protected by the aluminum LPX ribbed design adopted by the Vengence for a greater surface area and better heat management.
  • The Vengence Airflow package comes with the 60mm Ball bearing style inspired fan which helps in long-lasting performance.
  • Delivering 3200MHz is more than enough for many of us around.
  • Turning the low-end 1600 hosting motherboards stand in line with the higher-spec holding machines.


Ryzen 1600 is an entry-level processor for which c16 LPX 32 GB RAM may be a bit more than what it can handle. But if you are looking to stand with the big boys you need all the support you can get.

GeIL EVO POTENZA 16GB (2 x 8GB) Desktop Memory

Operating at a premium frequency range this Memory stick is designed to deliver the best performance for the entry-Best RAM for Ryzen 1600 level processors from AMD.

The power-hungry apps and games drain most of the performance of your system. For staying in the game you need compatible products running smoothly with your CPU.

Comes with 2133 MHz standard frequency these RAMS deliver much better performance than the normal DDR ones. If you are into gaming, video or image editing, and other high performing tasks you need a reliable product added to your arsenal.

  • Designed to offer maximum support to Intel x99 and AMD 1600 series chipsets it is available in the quad and dual-quad kits.
  • GeIL Die-hard Burn-in technology proved to be a game-changer in testing and performance delivery, eliminating the early power loss thus enabling the best quality products.
  • These memory sticks are protected by the Potenza heat spreaders giving excellent cooling. MTDC technology helps in the collection and disbursement of heat efficiently and effectively, keeping the product running at the optimum level for longer.
  • Its lifetime parts and labor warranty makes it a favorite for entry-level gamers.


Looking for an efficient partner for your CPU? Your search ends here.

Install Potenza Memory products for stable and better data processing and gaming experience.

We recommend this memory stick for light-pocketed gamers.

G.Skill 16GB – Best RAM for Ryzen 1600

G.Skill is Trident’s top tear product. Anyone who has used the Tridents memory sticks knows that delivering a solid G.Skill-16GB-(Dual-Channel-Kit)-3200MHz-DDR4-Trident-Z-Desktop-Memory-(F4-3200C16D-16GTZB)XMP performance is their trademark. Giving a lot of room to play and push the performance by overclocking, Trident is a key player in this market.

The Z DDR4 comes in a dual-channel setup. They offer speeds ranging from 2400 Mhz to 4200 Mhz. One of the most stable 2 channel products in the market, Trident delivers seamlessly. Consuming 1.35v the XMP2.0 supported memory kits offer 16-18-18-38 2T timings.

Aesthetically well designed with the combination of black PCB, brushed grey aluminum, and red title header. When put to tests the product delivers what it promises, churning out a solid XPM performance.

  • Comes with a lifetime guaranty so if you don’t scratch its stickers or remove its header you can always receive an exchanged product in case it gets faulty.
  • You can get tighter timings but it requires power consumption of 1.45 raising the temperature dangerously high
  • CL16-18-18-38 is the standard timing but can lower it to 14-15-15-38 1T depending on the heat and voltage management of your system.
  • It sits between 2400 and 3200 MHz on the XMP tests.


If you are in the market to buy a solid performing product and not looking to put on a show for others, Trident is your choice.

Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2666 MHz Desktop Gaming Memory Kit

One of the most beautifully designed memory sticks is in the review. Comes in a 2x8Gb pack. It is there to support yourCrucial-Ballistix-Sport-LT-2666-MHz-DDR4-DRAM-Desktop-Gaming-Memory-Kit-16GB-(8GBx2)-CL16-BLS2K8G4D26BFSEK-(Red) processor when it needs to perform and deliver. The low-profile form factor makes it an ideal candidate for all types of motherboards.

Games and data processing are the most demanding tasks you perform on your system. Available as a dual-channel product. It delivers stable data flow at high frequencies.

The 3200 MHz is surpassed by a 3600mHz variant in the same series, but this memory stick delivers lightning speed at the nominal voltage usage. XMP 2.0 profile makes it overclocking ready. This product is optimized to work smoothly with AMD processors. Its black red and white heat spreaders give it futuristic design features.

  • Being a low profile module allows it to take its place in the cramped motherboards.
  • Pushing beyond the given specification is easy but comes at the cost of an overheated product.
  • Consuming 1.35v it has better voltage stability and can run on high frequencies for longer.
  • Delivering 2666Mhz as standard. It stands at the lower end of the spectrum but it is good enough for entry-level gamers.


If you are new to gaming or data processing you need the right combination of speed, power, and the right price tag.

Fitting in your budget this memory stick will solve most of your problems with gaming or data processing.

Crucial Ballistix 2666 MHz DDR4 Laptop Gaming Memory Kit

Delivering 2666 MHz at CL 16 latency this memory stick doesn’t promise much but delivers more than that. Crucial-Ballistix-2666-MHz-DDR4-DRAM-Laptop-Gaming-Memory-Kit-32GB-(16GBx2)-CL16-BL2K16G26C16S4B

DDR4 technology ensures its stability and that you can get higher than advertised frequencies. It provides Cl 16 consuming 1.2V giving the best combination for overclocking when in need. You can double your memory, speed up your machine, and be ready for on-demand overclocking with just one move.

Multitask, play games, and edit video all within your reach now. Covered in nice heat spreaders to keep things under control and keep the product performing for longer. Select JEDEC for standard and XMP for the maximum performance and it gives you the required juice.

  • With a long history of memory parts manufacturing the precision starts from the die.
  • Made compatible for both AMD and intel along with all major motherboard and system designers.
  • Clocking at 16-18-18-38 timing consuming 1.2V voltage.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty for parts and labor, but if the PCB gets damaged during the altering clock speeds the claim gets void.


You don’t need to stuff your computer with very heavy performing parts if you are not a very heavy data processor or gaming enthusiast.

Figure the best combination in accordance with your workload and build on that. This Memory stick offers you enough juice to go through all your multitasking needs without crashing your bank or your machine.