Best Low Profile Keyboard

Low-profile is the new sexy. In electronic gadgets, it is the best against all. Our best low profile keyboard series features the latest and most sophisticated machines ready to rock and roll your gaming. To buy the best low-profile gaming keyboard, rule 1 is to look for exact dimensions, the switch height, and frame size.



  • iCUE software
  • Red switches
  •  Aluminum frame

Logitech G815 RGB

Logitech G815 RGB

  • RGB backlighting
  • Thin body
  • Dedicated keys

Mechanical HAVIT

Mechanical HAVIT

  • Key Rollover
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Detachable USB

If that goes well, search for the most intriguing design you’ve to find there on Amazon. if that goes well, Rule number 3 is to check user’s Reviews and Ratings, FAQs, and price range before adding it to the cart.

The best picks in our low-profile keyboard series comprise of the most reviewed and better-rated keyboards with hundreds of sales at minimum and healthy rating graphs. Have a look and decide for yourselves:

5 – Best Low Profile Keyboard Are:

NameAlready SoldRatingPricing
CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile2000+4.6
GAMDIAS Hermes M3 RGB1000+4.2
Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT RGB Backlit1500+4.7
Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT Backlit1500+4.7
Logitech G815 RGB1000+4.6

CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

Robust Build

Corsair K70 is a smooth runner for all the gaming and high-intensity typing applications. The build is sturdy enough CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard to last a lifetime of keystrokes, 4 Million to be exact. The updated version is smoother and more sophisticated with its low-profile keys and noiseless strokes with soft and audible clicky feedback.

The actuation control is flawless for any CORSAIR product, around 1.2mm for K70 RGB gaming mechanical keyboard. The aluminum frame maximizes the lifespan of the keyboard with anodized polishing for a perfectly textured finish. It is smooth and enduring for rough usage, the key switches are redesigned for better lighting and feedback.

Software Control

The entire keyboard is controlled by the embedded app, thanks to the indigenous iCUE software. The app controls all the critical features including lighting control, brightness adjustments, key assignments and synchronization with other CORSAIR components. create rainbow effects, lit your keyboard with the gaming modes or solid colors with 16M color options and a vast array of lighting picks.

For RGB lighting, access the software and opt between pre-set lighting modes already embedded in the software or make novel lighting pattern with full control over brightness and breathability, or go for solid colors. Users can make profiles and save them for multiple gaming sessions. iCUE software is capable of synchronizing keyboard lighting with compatible components creating fully synced lighting for cooling systems, mice and motherboards.

Cherry MX Red Switches

CORSAIR is comprised of linear mechanical switches for intense typing and pro-gaming modes. The red Cherry MX switches perfectly blend into the keyboard requirements. They are lighter, smoother, and amazingly linear in settings. The actuation rate is phenomenal for FPS gaming and overclocking modes. The key registration rate is faster than all the previous version and the clicks are audible at all press rates. Make your buy worth it with replacement key switches and all the things added to the package for a key replacement if the existing is worn out or won’t work anymore.

  • Low-profile design
  • RGB synced lighting modes
  • Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum frame
  • Cherry MX Red switches
  • iCUE software support
  • Only available in a wired version
  • Limited color range

GAMDIAS Hermes M3 RGB Gaming Keyboard Low Profile

Actual Gaming Keyboard

GAMDIAS Hermes M3 is an actual mechanical keyboard for overclocking, hard and fast typing, and overclocking. it GAMDIAS Hermes M3 RGB Gaming Keyboard Low Profile Mechanical Switch with blue switch, N-key rolloveris made of the best and most responsive keys to start with, the comfortable and pragmatic key switches of Cherry MX Blue type with N-key rollover for extreme gaming conditions.

Everything is sorted out in the newest M3 version, the software support, sturdy build, and built-in processor make it a variety show for gaming without an err. The anti-ghosting is partially supported alongside the modern n-key rollover technology that allows the key registration of all the keys pressed at once without losing the keypress location data from the stack memory.

Built-in Microprocessor

Makeup to 6 profiles for RGB lighting, control your combination keypresses and play around with the function keys right there from your keyboard assisted by HERA software. All the 6 lighting profiles can be stored right there in the embedded memory of your keyboard. It means you can take it anywhere, connect it with the system and play around without creating a new profile.

The lighting control allows complete freedom to choose textures, color modes, and breathing styles and timers. There are 16.8 Million colors available with rainbow-styled illuminations and solid-mode effects.

Gain Control

Gain complete control over your mechanical keyboard with software controlling all your keyboard functions at once and right there from the gaming PC. GAMDIAS comprises a 32bit RM Cortex TM-MO microprocessor that stores multiple profiles and sync modes via HERA software. The software can be downloaded to gain full control over your smart gaming keyboard.

The keyboard is low-profile and made of the aircraft-grade metal casing. The HERA software allows macro-management, sound effects, and customizable key management for the faster gaming experience.

  • Multiple brightness levels and profile management
  • Sturdy build
  • 87-key full-fledge design
  • HERA Software supported
  • Only available in wired versions
  • Numpad not attached to the keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT RGB Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Extra

Slim and Sturdy

The mechanical keyboard by HAVIT marks its accomplishments with a standard 104-key structure with a sim and Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin & Light, Kailh Latest Low Profilesturdy look. It is made of the metal frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum and housing 104 keys made of Cherry MX Blue replaceable switches. Everything seems perfectly balanced about the HAVIT RGB keyboard, the asking price is great owing to its much-anticipated features and backlit modes.

the keyboard has dimensions ranging 17.2 x 5 x 0.89” and weighs 570g only. Drop it off from an airplane or slash it on the floor without it being disintegrated. The thinner and lighter combination makes it portable and a great gift for gamers who’d like to move around the couch when gaming for hours.

N-key Rollover

The N-key rollover is the latest development, and the most anticipated one for gamers and overclocking modes. Before the rollover technology, gamers tend to make use of anti-ghosting that only allowed a limited number of key registration when multiple keys were pressed together. the N-key rollover allows all keypresses to get registered at once without time delays or data losses.

Bumpy Blue Switches

The beautiful clicking switches are made of triple-layer formula with actuation standards better than any manufacturer at the specified price range. the switch height is kept at 11.5mm with a 6mm keycap. The key traveling distance is 3mm after it is actuated and considered pressed by users. The Kailh Blue Switches are made to create a soothing feel of a little bump on top of it. it creates lesser feedback sound than MX Brown key and is the best pick for typing and gaming.

Multiple Backlit Modes

There are multiple RGB lighting modes controlled without a macro of third-party software. Simply go to the HAVIT website and download the pre-set lighting mode or make your lighting pattern, adjust brightness and breathability modes with whatever style.


For portability, USB cables connecting the keyboard to PCs can be detached via micro-USB cable connectors. All the keys can be plucked out of the keyboard for DIY replacement. Also, there’s no need to install additional drivers when connecting the keyboard to any gaming system. HAVIT mechanical gaming keyboard is compatible with Windows Vista, Win 7, 8, 10, Linux, and Macintosh OS.

  • Slim, stylish, and strong design
  • Low-profile keys and Blue switches
  • Lightweight
  • Portable and RGB customizable
  • Supports all the OS
  • Customization only possible with Windows OS
  • The unwanted length added for Numpad

Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard

Key Switches & Function Keys

The keyboard has a 7mm shorter switch height than a traditional mechanical keyboard. The 6mm ultra-thin Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT RGB Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin & Light, Kailh Latest Low Profile Blue Switchessuspended keycaps, 3mm key travel and 1.4mm response offer a shorter travel distance, more accurate actuation, delivering precision and lightning speed performance. Enjoy games and typing at night with a unique ice blue LED light.

Multiple customizing backlight modes enable Fn+F1-F5 for customizing, Fn+F12 for saving your setting, and Fn+F6-F11 for presetting modes. HAVIT is user-friendly, driver-free, and has plug & play capability with detachable USB to micro cable. All 87 keys of N-key Rollover ensure great gaming experience for multiple key presses simultaneously.

Mechanical features:

HAVIT keyboard is specially designed for top-notch mechanical performance with ultra-thin and light, compact design and dimensions of 13.94” x 5” x 0.89”. It is thinner and lighter than a traditional mechanical keyboard.

The connection types include micro-USB detachable ports with 87 installed keys. It has special Latest Kailh Blue Switch — Low Profile Switches with 11.5mm switch height, 6mm ultra-thin suspended keycap, 3mm key travel creates unique mechanical feel.

Technical Features

Technical features of the keyboard include 1 MB RAM, supported hardware PC/laptops weighing 1.15lbs only. For gaming and typing, it is one of the best choices if you are into mechanical keyboards or want to give one a try keeping the clickity-clack under control. Moreover, you can adjust brightness and Macro modes. You can lock the Windows Key for gaming modes, there’s office mode key and users can turn off all lights from the keyboard. The keyboard is extremely lightweight for seasoned gamers and overclocking experts for its N-key rollover, light material, and low-profile keys and switches. For detachable USBs, you can change it if it got cut or broke or need a longer one if needed.

  • N-Key Rollover
  • RGB backlit keyboard
  • Exclusive function keys for color modes
  • Detachable USB connection
  • Expensive for medium-range gamers
  • Only available for sale in the US

Logitech G815 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Linear)

The Next Dimension Of Play

Logitech G815 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a new class of high-performance mechanical keyboard for Logitech G815 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Lineargamers with advanced light sync RGB technology and low profile mechanical switches in an ultra-thin sleek design that gives you the next dimension of play.

Its low profile mechanical switches offer you the speed, accuracy, and high performance also the GL linear switch features a completely smooth keystroke comes in 3 options GL tactile, GL linear, and GL clicky.

Lighting Effects

Logitech G815 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard features approximately 16.8 million colors with light sync technology that can customize per-key lighting colors also create animations and sync to games music and videos. G815 gaming keyboard with top of the line gaming gear for a complete and advanced setup meticulously designed for serious gamers.


This G815 RGB gaming keyboard has an additional dedicated USB cable that connects through ports to its input for full power throughput and data speed also used to plug in a device to charge or a mouse to charge adversaries without missing a beat.

For the G815 RGB gaming keyboard, you can use Logitech G HUB software to easily set up dedicated G keys with custom macros and in-app commands for executing complex actions with a single keystroke.

Logitech gaming keyboard offers refined media control with volume roller and dedicated media controls to quickly play pause skip and mute. Also, Logitech G HUB software is used for complete customize and access advance features, fine-tune settings, connect to third-party apps and download and share custom game profiles.

Material and Body

Logitech G815 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard has an impossibly thin and classy body it is meticulously engineered to be incredibly thin. Premium materials used aluminum alloy top plate to deliver the incredible thin but rigid and durable design.

  • Ultra-thin body
  • Customized and dedicated keys
  • Full RGB backlighting
  • Wobbly keys offer a just okay typing experience
  • Slight bend in the board out of the box


Now that you’ve gone through all of the best-selling and best-rated low-profile keyboards available online. Here are our concluding guidelines if you still can’t get your head straight for a keyboard that adapts perfectly to your gaming setting. If you are out of the United States, make sure if the item is available for your home country? and that too will come along with hefty delivery charges. Against all the odds, suppose if the order is not delivered to your given address, make sure the seller is accepting refunds or warranty/guarantee policy? If not, never buy from an ambiguous seller.