Best Keyboard For Programming

The best keyboard for programming need not be an expensive one. Sometimes, a dormant brand produces a masterpiece that clicks amazingly to gamers, typists, and programmers. To look for the best keyboard for programming and gaming purposes, better feedback, durability of frame and switches, working technology, and layout are of utmost importance.


Realforce 87U

Realforce 87U

  • Lightweight
  • PBT
  • Swappable Keys

Happy Hacking

Happy Hacking

  • USB-type
  • Symmetrical
  • DIP switches

Redragon K556

Redragon K556

  • Lightweight
  •  n-Key
  • LED Backlit

For newbies, a mechanical keyboard will do the job. For advanced programmers and gamers, it is better to buy a combo keyboard set with capacitive sensing switches. They combine triple technologies to manufacture a somewhat expensive yet masterpiece keyboard that lasts for a lifetime with perfect working conditions.

List Of Best Keyboard For Programming

NameAlready SoldRatingPricing
USA Filco Ninja Majestouch500+4.6
USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2500+4.7
Realforce 87U300+4.6
Happy Hacking Keyboard400+4.8
Redragon K556 RGB L3000+4.7

USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless Keyboard

For hardcore typists and programmers, a tactile feedback keyboard is a perfect option to choose from. USA FALCO USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2, TenkeylessNinja Majestouch-2 is a tenkeyless version of the Majestouch full version with Cherry MX Brown switches for better input registration and smooth output. The keyboard is available in multiple variants with 2 sets of windows keys and key pullers for uninterrupted performance in the long-term.

Cherry MX Brown

It is made to last forever with 50 Million clicks endurance and tactile feedback. The feedback has no audible response with an actuation point stalled at 2mm beneath the surface. The total travel distance before it registers a click is 4mm, with the actuation force amounting to 45g when pressed. The brown keyboard type is designed specifically for gamers and professional typists for its middle ground switch.

There are tactile bumps on the FILCO Ninja Majestouch-2 with a completely silent key traveling. It is a better choice than MX Blue switches as it creates no audible sound with the same features as Blue switch.

N-key Rollover

Majestouch-2 is a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with an n-key rollover to compensate for overclocking and intense typing sessions. Each key is registered without losing vital combo keys when pressed simultaneously.

For hardcore gamers, a key left unregistered when pressed in bulk may cost you a game, or crucial loss of information for programmers and professional typists. It is better to opt for an n-key rollover to get exempted from the unwanted hassle caused by low Profile keyboards. FILCO provides with n-key rollover in combination with anti-ghosting to register all the keys at once without losing a single keypress.


FILCO comes with a multitude of accessories along with the keyboard. It has both wired and PS/2 modes of communication. The former supports full n-key rollover, whereas the wireless mode PS/2 allows 6-key registration with anti-ghosting technology. There is a PS/2 conversion adapter and windows key along with FILCO key puller in the 87-key keyboard.

  • Supports n-key rollover
  • Cherry MX Brown switches
  • FILCO key puller included
  • 1.5m cable along with the package
  • Lightweight
  • Special Counter Currency protection
  • RGB lighting not available
  • No warranty available from the seller

USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 Keyboard

The USA-made FILCO Ninja is an exception in regular keyboard types for its amazing and top-brass qualities, the USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2, NKRactuation rate, switch feel, and key types. It is better than any of the professional keyboard manufactured in the USA.

Prompt Tactile Feedback

For hard-end gamers and professional programmers, accurate feedback is all that’s needed for a better understanding of their typing pace. USA FILCO Majestouch-2 Ninja version has a sleek and soundless tactile feedback, thanks to the Cherry MX Brown switches and high actuation rate with medium vital presses.

The actuation is activated on 55g weight exerted on the key; it has 4mm travel distance and gold contacts for a minimal delay when the key is actuated on keypresses. Ninja is tested for 50 Million clicks in its lifetime.


Majestouch-2 is a wired keyboard with micro-USB 2.0 compatibility that runs along with all the PCs and Operating Systems without installation. The keyboard is a full version with function and Numpad keys installed for a complete experience in gaming, programming, or whatever suits best.

Ninja Majestouch-2 is a compatible keyboard for all the gamers and programmers, thanks to its full n-key rollover along with the anti-ghosting technology for better performance and feedback. The n-key rollover allows all keys to register at once without data loss. Each key is connected separately with special counter currency operations to avoid keystroke mix.

  • Cherry MX Brown switches
  • N-key rollover
  • Dual windows set, top- and front print
  • Gold contacts for better feedback
  • Dull and bulky in design
  • RGB lighting control not available

Realforce 87U Tenkeyless 55g (Black)

Removable Keys

Realforce 87U is a remarkable tenkeyless design with swappable keys and fine-tuned key textures for better bumps Realforce 87U Tenkeyless 55g (Black)and key control when typing or gaming for hours. It is lightweight and has key pullers to remove keycaps conveniently without a mishap or special skills.

The Num lock and Caps lock keys can be swapped along with CTRL keys. There are embedded LEDs attached to the Caps Lock and Numpad indication keys.

Heavy Switches

The renowned capacitive switches are more cumbersome, with a weight endurance of up to 55g per keypress. It requires a solitary keypress for each actuation with capacitive key switches. The actuation feedback is exemplary and entirely in sync with the adjacent keypresses.

The keycaps are made of PBT keycaps. They are sturdier and non-compliant to slipping when used for longer durations. The keycaps last for 50 Million keystrokes, same as that of the pure mechanical keyboards. The laser-engraved alphabets don’t fade away after excessive use.

Ergonomic and Stylish

The design is unique and ergonomic, the all-black keys and casing create a real and classic feel for gamers and programmers alike. It is made with a jet black design with features surpassing any of its competing capacitive keyboards. The stylish outlook is confirmed by its lightweight and breathable dimensions, no additionally occupied space, and freeness to take it anywhere.

It has black labels with grey plastic keycaps, better to use in the adequate lighting for the black model. For using it in the dark environment, opt the white version for better contrasts and visibility.

  • Lightweight, stylish, and ergonomic
  • PBT keycap layout
  • Swappable keys
  • Stiff and snappy switches
  • The dark alphabets may not suit some users
  • The item is not a mechanical keyboard

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2

Downsized Design

The keyboard is made by programmers for programmers. The minuscule design is the most compact one in the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2market, with 101 keys embedded to 60 only. There are no crap keys or unwanted signs to tackle. If you are a hacker or programmer alone, all you need is connect it to your system and start programming without unwanted hassle. No additional keys and unsymmetrical design included that may have most of the keys never used while programming.

Extra Comfort and Precision

The added comfort fatigues less and adds more leisure to the programmers working longer hours at a streak. The frame is made symmetrical enough with capacitive feedback keystrokes that reduce hand and finger fatigue when using it for longer sessions. The keys are made of the cutting-edge and modern PBT that keep functioning for decades without wearing off.

DIP Switches for Combo Typing

The alphabets are printed with dye-sublimated legends that never fade away; that’s a guarantee. The critical pressure is kept at a minimum to allow for less force in pressing a key and more typing in short times.

DIP switches are mounted on the backside of the keyboard and are featured to press multiple keys simultaneously with precision. The dip switches make combo key presses easier and convenient for typists and programmers. It can always be programmed and swapped for later assignments.

Hybrid Switch Technology

The Topre switch is a hybrid technology that is made in combination with a mechanical spring switch, a rubber dome switch, and capacitive sensors. As a substitute for mechanical keystrokes and keypress registration, the keypresses are sensed electrically via capacitive sensors. When pressed, it changes capacitance at that point and registers at the exact keystroke. The keystroke registration is soft and effortless with a satisfying bouncy feel when pressed.

  • USB-type connection
  • Symmetrical dimensions
  • Topre switches and PBT keys
  • 60-key design specifically for programmers
  • DIP switches included
  • Only for programmers can’t be used for gaming
  • The highly exaggerated asking price

Redragon K556 RGB L Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cherry MX Brown Switches

The Cherry MX Brown switches are specifically for mechanical gaming keyboards with compatibility to withstand 50 Redragon K556 RGB L Mechanicalmillion clicks in its lifetime. The individual switches have quiet and tactile feedback activated at actuation of 4mm with a 45g weight inserted to it.

For gaming and the fastest typing experience, each mechanical key is attached separately to its switch so that it does not mix keypresses when typing. It fits to all the experience, including normal usage, gaming, programming, and typing for longer durations. Also, experience what feels like using alternating switches with 8 spared switches as a gift.

LED Backlit Design

The LED design allows users to program keys separately with the programming software. The rainbow coloring mode lights up your keyboard with bright LED lights assisted by its 18 backlit modes. Choose from the preset modes from the software or go to gaming mode by pressing FN+INS+PgDn keys.

There are 6 themes to choose with 18 lighting patterns to assist alongside them. Explore the possibilities with programming software for macro settings and lights design on PC.

Anti-Ghosting and n-Key rollover

The outdated anti-ghosting, in combination with the n-key rollover, makes a great combo. Each keypress is registered optimally without mixing up the keystroke pattern or losing data. Each switch is pressed differently and registers in a stack memory for processing. It makes the gaming and typing experience more convenient and accurate for bulk key presses.

Sturdy and Lightweight

The aluminum frame houses all the switches and PCB layout along with the microprocessors that store built-in programming and keypress data inside the keyboard. The fully anodized frame is conductive and lightweight, with no strings attached. It allows handy usage with brushed metal casing while maintaining the strength and lightweight.


Gaming and programming keyboards are costly and durable. To buy the best programming keyboard, a substantial investment is needed to get rid of the keyboard liability for the next decade, at least. Look carefully for buyer reviews on Amazon and feedback on warranty claims before selecting the right keyboard. Also, keep an eye on the price and features. Never get in a trap of buying overpriced keyboards when you can get it for a lot lesser price tag.