BeoSound Shape, The Luxurious And Amazing Pregnant B & O

Bang & Olufsen, manufacturer of audio and video products resolutely luxurious, has just presented a curious concept: BeoSound Shape. Behind this project lies a system of wall speakers whose layout and appearance are fully customization. Also keep in mind their is huge difference between wall and best bookshelf speakers.

BeoSound Shape is an audio system that focuses on a discreet and aesthetic integration. Each hexagonal element composing it benefits from a customizable design thanks to a choice of 10 fabric colors for the removable front grille. The different elements can draw any plot, as long as they are all in direct contact.

Behind what one might think is a group of speakers is actually a small ecosystem composed of at least 8 elements that all have a well-defined role. Among the 8 basic hexes, there are 4 loudspeakers, an amplifier, 2 sound absorbers and a BeoSound Core hub. Up to a total of 11 amplification modules, 44 speakers and an unlimited number of acoustic dampers can be added.

The speakers consist of a 12.75 ” woofer and a 0.75″ tweeter . Each amp (Class D) can power up to 4 speakers with a power of 8 x 80 Watts. In a heavier configuration, the amps are connected together in daisy chain (USB and optical) to finally join the BeoSound Core.

It is designed to communicate wirelessly via Wi-Fi (DLNA, Chromecast, AirPlay, Multiroom, Spotify Connect, Deezer …) or via Bluetooth. It also features an analog / digital combo input with a 3.5mm mini-jack, a Toslink digital output, an RJ45 port and a Power Link port. The latter comes in the form of an RJ45 port and allows you to connect it to other compatible B & O products.

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Once installed, the BeoSound Shape can be controlled via the dedicated Bang & Olufsen mobile app or via the BeoSound Essence Remote, not supplied with the set. A proprietary algorithm makes it possible to obtain a stereophonic rendering according to the chosen configuration. The goal is to get a sound that is not very directive and that can immerse a whole room. On the other hand, the manufacturer does not take any measure to adapt the frequency response of the assembly according to the part.

BeoSound will be available during August. As usual, Bang & Olufsen will offer its products exclusively at its resellers to offer advice and custom installation according to the needs of each customer. As an indication, a set of 8 modules (as in the diagram) will cost you around 4000 €.