MSI b250 Motherboard Review – Best for Gaming

We recently published a long and complete summary on the various motherboards, in this article we will talk about the b250 motherboard review which is the best motherboard model of this series.

We are focusing on this model because it had already caught our attention for gamers: the MSI B250 GAMING M3 motherboard.

B250 Motherboard

B250 Motherboard

  • Maximum Memory: 64GB
  • Memory type: DDR4
  • Processor socket: LGA1151
  • Chipset Type: Intel B250
  • Size: 23x31x5cm

The MSI b250 Gaming M3 Motherboard Review

As we already explained in a previous test, it is not always essential to have a motherboard capable of doing things b250-motherboard-reviewthat the user will never use. Why get a motherboard for overclocking if the user does not intend to go this route? The MSI B250 GAMING M3 motherboard is precisely there for these situations. It is a mid-range motherboard that offers everything gamers need without frills.

The MSI B250 GAMING M3 motherboard was designed with this idea of ​​efficiency in mind. It is sober, and at the same time beautiful. The motherboard has a dark vibe with red accents that detail the circuits of the motherboard. Even without the overclocking capabilities, the card has features that can, therefore, attract the most seasoned gamers.

In addition, the motherboard is equipped with the RGB Mystic Light Sync function from MSI, which increases the options for customizing your configuration. Using your smartphone and the MSI Gaming app, you will be able to control the RGB colors that decorate the interior of your computer. An element of style that is not unpleasant.

On the card, you will find four DDR4 DIMM slots that support up to 64 GB of RAM at 2400MHz. With DDR4 Boost, the motherboard has optimized memory usage to ensure perfect stability and performance during gaming sessions. We particularly liked the presence of the MSI Steel Armor, which reinforces the PCI-e slot for better support heavy and bulky graphics cards. This is an excellent point for those who want to use the most powerful graphics cards on the market.

In terms of storage, you'll have plenty of ports to use, with six SATA 6 GB /s ports and two M slots. The M slots 2 are also ready for Intel Optane. And you can also be confident about the reliability of the card since MSI uses military class 5 components on this card, which not only ensures performance but also reliability that will save you from worrying about the durability of your computer.

The BIOS is typical of what MSI offers on the majority of its motherboards. It is therefore easy to use and very effective. For many, it will only be a quick flash to configure some details since the card does not support overclocking.


This motherboard offers the best value for money that can be described as unbeatable. It is a perfect motherboard for gamers who want something simple, efficient, beautiful, and efficient. We can only regret one thing, the fact that it does not accept processors of the new Coffee Lake generation. We advise you to read our review of the MSI 970 motherboard if you are looking for an even cheaper model.